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Whether all objects are necessary to the school student?

my article are an address to school students. On the basis of the life experience I want to share with you the thoughts of importance of knowledge which you gain at school. The period of my school years had on 80 - e years, there passed a lot of time since then, and the present course of secondary education endured a set of changes. Many objects are renamed, new objects were added, programs are changed.

Many school students, it was also in my time, consider that some objects are not necessary to them and will not be useful in future life at all. But I can tell one: until you choose a profession, receive it and you will begin to work, your views still will exchange more than once. Therefore I dare to notice that, perhaps, knowledge of volume unnecessary it will be to a subject to you just necessary. Our life is so unpredictable that we do not know what expects us tomorrow.

I confirm the judgments on a simple example. Today on us this awful world crisis which deprived of many work, money burst. People look for new work in absolutely other branches, in other words, change the labor profile. Here and I too: the accountant by training - the economist I work with length of service in several directions, not having relations to my main profession at all. It is unlikely I could make it, there is no my school knowledge, they still help me.

On the basis of the aforesaid I make such statement: there are no unnecessary objects. You have to be ready to everything in this life. Moreover, there are such objects which will be necessary to you always and everywhere. I advise special attention to pay them to studying.

On the very first place I put knowledge of Russian. Where you went, whatever document filled in to whoever you talked, your success and your authority will always depend on knowledge of Russian. Any grammatical mistakes by drawing up the summary or vising of documents by heads are simply inadmissible. Ignorance of rules of Russian will obviously play against you in a varying degree. The grammatical mistake made in the course of filling of the questionnaire or the summary can even deprive of you chance to get a job.

On the second place I would put knowledge of English. Without English during automation and the Internet anywhere! I from personal experience tell it to you. The basic knowledge of English gained by me at school helps me to earn on a piece of bread today. I can quietly correspond at the level of informal conversation with foreigners, sign contracts and expand the knowledge on the foreign websites.

I very much loved English at school, the benefit, two last years of study at school as experiment we learned profoundly English. Still I thank every day the teacher on English, she could enclose to us very good knowledge, using very interesting inclusion in time of occupations. It were both weeks of language and small playlets in English, and interview, and studying of songs of " group; Beatles and many other things. Before it was interesting that I still remember these lessons. Therefore, and I keep the gained knowledge in the head.

Generally, you can even not argue, from height of already last years, precisely I speak to you, these two languages are necessary for you in life.

On the third place I see the native language. I put it on the third place only from the point of view of our survival in the modern world, and from the point of view of continuous communication it, certainly, wins first place. This my especially personal opinion, at everyone in this respect the opinion.

Further the mathematics, geography, biology and history follow.

The mathematics, as we know, develops logical thinking. Fast calculations in mind, addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, percent will always accompany you during all life. This elementary knowledge is simply necessary for you.

The geography, biology and history are necessary for the general development to have an idea of our internal and surrounding us world. We have to know in what point of the globe we are where there are other countries, to know what natural zones exist as our organism, an organism of plants and animals is arranged, to know the rich history. Besides it is still madly interesting and informative.

My dear school students, I you perfectly understand that there is a wish and to take a walk and have a good time, and here study and study. The main thing, is correct to distribute time, learn to plan it, and then all of you will be in time. Because of the youth, it is still difficult for you to realize all importance of school knowledge. But what to you is taught at school is really very necessary in life. Adulthood is difficult, continuous fight for a survival and at you just it can not appear then time for restoration of the missed knowledge. So you seize the moment, you have the best time in your life.

If you really want to achieve something in life, to ensure comfortable existence, consider that you take already the first step to it now. You remember it, and the success will come. For now apply the gained knowledge at development of the big ocean under the name Internet . Many school students already successfully are engaged in business on the Internet, test in various areas and even manage to earn more than the parents. In my time there was no Internet, but I apply the school knowledge during development the Internet today - spaces. And you - the younger generation, before you is so much opportunities of which we also could not dream. Gain knowledge while there is opportunity and dare! Your success waits for you there - ahead, it is only necessary to step towards.