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Where and how there live unicorns?

In today`s story will be a question not of the mythical handsome possessing, according to legends, marvelous magic force, and of radical inhabitants of cold northern waters, whales narvala, in Latin of the called Monodon monoceros, i.e. unicorns.

And it is valid, in forward part of the head of these animals (but only at males) the impressive direct horn reaching 3 meters in length settles down. Actually it tooth which grows on the left side of the top jaw and has the characteristic twirled form. Tooth from the opposite side is directed too forward, but it is hidden in soft tissues of gums though it sometimes happens that grows in the second tusk.

Purpose of this tusk long remained a riddle in which solution it was succeeded to progress a little in 2005. Having investigated it under an electronic microscope, scientists found millions of tiny tubes containing the nervous terminations inside. It allowed to make the assumption that dug tooth is sensitive body.

There live sea unicorns in ice-holes, breaking thickness of ice a powerful body (the head and a back) in an area of the Canadian archipelago, Greenland, Devisova of the passage, Baffinova and Gudzonov of gulfs, the islands of Spitsbergen, Franz`s Earth - Iosif, Novaya and Severnaya Zemlya, Wrangel. Limits of the polar water area leave extremely seldom.

Length of a body dug averages 4 - 5 meters, but can reach also six. Weight - about a ton, happens, as one and a half, a third it is the share of fatty tissue. These animals have no back fin, and tail is divided into two blades. The belly part of a trunk is lighter, the back and sides - are more dark and are covered is gray - brown spots of irregular shape.

Unicorns eat cephalopod mollusks, Crustacea and fish. They are capable to dive of depth more than 300 meters and to remain under water till 15 minutes. Breed all the year round, but especially active pairing is observed in the spring, pregnancy lasts long - more than a year.

Cubs are born one-and-a-half-meter, as a rule, on one in an issue. Life expectancy makes forty and more years, in bondage - about four months, and there was still no case of reproduction in conditions conclusions under supervision of the person. And on freedom enemies of narval are polar bears and killer whales, cubs are threatened also by polar sharks. However, and huge squids, sometimes, attack them.

Here therefore - that unicorns are also carried to a rare species. And in old times merchants traded in rogoobrazny tooth dug as it corresponded to the description of the fact that was available for a mysterious overland animal - a unicorn to whom attributed a set of magic properties.

For example, this horn fevers, morovy craze, black not urine, from a sting of a snake and even from damage considered as an infallible remedy from fever. Attributed to powder from an edinorozhy horn wonderful ability to heal any wounds.

This subject was appreciated more expensively than gold and more often sold on pieces. The whole horn was on a pocket only the richest. For example, Elizabeth I Angliyskaya bought it for 10 thousand pounds. At court of the French king it was necessary to have this thing too to check foods for availability of poisons in them.

It is a pity that we cannot decipher language of these, frankly speaking, of very talkative beings so far. Sounds which they make differ in a wide variety: here both whistle, and low, and clicks, and groans with sighs, and a povizgivaniye. And if it turns out, can unicorns would teach us how to help them to survive