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How to get acquainted with the girl in night club without special expenses (part 1).

I so. The first in what I can assure any is that guys of freaks are not in sense on natural appearance. It is a prejudice of which some convince themselves. Personally I call such people simply losers. The second, the percent of the rich population of the planet, in relation to the others is very small too therefore, for acquaintance not as money should not be means if who considers on another can even not look through article further.

I personally not when did not differ in natural superbeauty or big prosperities, but as well as many young people I like to hang out in fashionable clubs, to meet people, to communicate. And over the past few years I never came across the person who would develop me and sent to walk, even in a polite form.

Everything actually very simply and depends on banal behavior and approach. People by the nature look for everything, always look for, people similar to them on views and interests. It is the law. If you want to get acquainted with the person who is fond of soccer, then in advance fasten a scarf with an inscription and an emblem of his favorite team, behave as the fan of soccer and in society where there are no other such fans, except the necessary person, he will find a way as with you to be crossed, here the main thing not to pass the moment.

Most occurs also at acquaintance to the girl. Here the main thing it is passive to interest her. And when she will begin to show to you interest not to pass the moment. For example: having come to night club and having looked round, you observe a picture - 3 glamourous little girls, obviously provided sit, it is not necessary to hurry at once and on the first ballad or if they are absent as soon as possible at once to rush to them. They remember also examine people around as well as you.

Look around, think as it is possible to make passively impression, you will wait time look whether they do not have a row them fight - friends, look can they have in this club acquaintances, look at what drinks they drink, it very much is not bad to get acquainted with the bartender, and as a rule is not difficult, take an interest who it, look at their mood, order to itself at once something nonalcoholic (tea, coffee, juice, mineral water, Bern), then some koktelchik on your taste, be always in the public eye, show the good manners.

If you want to drink vodka or something like that, then do it imperceptibly, girls, as a rule, do not love it or ask some intelligent (prominent) person to keep you the company, believe if you are at them in the public eye it will already make impression. Be sociable even if this communication consists in the questions How many time? or Advise that it is better to drink " here;. Leave tip, even small what the bartender would listen to you and smiled. Girls with whom you wish to get acquainted all the same do not hear about what the speech.

And further the most important, is competent approach to the acquaintance. I will write in brief several methods.

The first, very successful, but it is necessary to wait the moment when future girlfriends turn on you attention and will discuss your candidacy in the circle. You buy to all three girlfriends on a glass of wine (cocktail, martini, a bottle of champagne, coffee), what they drink. It is desirable when their glasses begin to become empty. And, so far they to themselves did not order something. When everything is ready ask the waiter to bring it on that little table. If you took a bottle, also ask it that it brought also itself poured it, do not regret, give to the waiter a little tip that it was pleasant to it to do it, also ask it that did not speak from whom. Imperceptibly you go, for example, to a toilet to find you a look it was impossible.

Generally, be absent minutes 10, but no more. Give them the chance to guess from whom a gift. Quite often girls approach and are interested on bar if you sat there, are also interested where you got to, leave the drunk not enough glass and a lighter (if you smoke), on a bar counter, or ask the bartender to look after some knickknack left on bar. If you do not leave, you will not give the chance to learn about yourself what, and it works against you, and you perhaps made vain attempts to earn the whole hour to yourself authority? Having returned on the place, you can smile lovely extensively as in 100% of cases one of little girls will approach you and will suggest to go to them and will thank (the nature female such to show you that she guessed that it from you).

It is already necessary to behave on circumstances further. Depending on the acquaintance purpose if the purpose was to get acquainted with them and to chat, then it is possible to go safely to them. It is possible at once is dug rather out to hint that a problem with finance and that you will not be able to pay for them and that the wine bottle (or that you bought there) is insuperable draft to pay a tribute to beauty, behavior, smiles of three charming girls (especially to one of them).

If the purpose, big love, and you are not really strong in conversation of thetas - and - three or are timid, then to tell above the written words and it is polite to refuse. Then to sit, it is more with mysteriously thoughtful air. Your girlfriends will approach you still more than once, will ask questions, periodically to treat you if you not against, to acquaint with the friends.

Here the main thing then most in dirt not to fall face down, that is to get drunk, not to bychit, not to harakhoritsya, type on how many you is abrupt. When the moment comes, we will allow slow dance, to invite the pleasant girlfriend or to wait when she is one. Remember, in this case these girls already find you the friend, thus enjoyable, and they begin to appreciate you more than other men in a disco (night club, restaurant ) and to them all the same how many at you money.

But there is also the third reason of acquaintance, especially with rich girls, but I will not write about it, it is article rather for little girls, and has to be called How not to be moved on the gigolo .

The second method is similar to the first, here it is important to estimate what music girls prefer. And time, another to order them a melody on condition that at the announcement it is underlined your girlfriends, for example according to number or an arrangement of a little table and will tell several stunning beautiful compliments.

The third method on the fan if you, for example, do not take alcohol, then, as a rule, in similar places often sell flowers, the rest similarly.

The fourth, already heavier, but in general without expenses, but at the same time it is necessary to feel surely, to be sociable, to know about what it is possible to talk, monitor words incidentally not to get nasty. An essence it is hard consists in the self-manifestation. For example, you well dance, prove on display. Or you dance badly, but thereby you lighten mood to people around, without hesitating of it. But it should not be dances of drunk cattle. If you are capable to any is sensible to explain that a crocodile more green, than long, then it can be used too. Bring together around yourself people, at the same time constantly smiling to those girls, or pay attention in a different way. For example, raising a few glass in their party, having seen the same return address - it`s done.

And the last council which, in my opinion, needs to be written if you want to remain friends or subsequently to meet and even if just you want to have sex, without having lost good relations, do not try to drag it to yourself home in the first day or to leave to it. Here of course there are exceptions, but they should see and be not to been imposed, suffer accurately. Competent girls accurately understand, they see that is wanted by the guy. And if she decides that she wants to leave in the first day with you or to invite to herself, then she about it is very not multiple-valued will hint.

Successful, acquaintances.