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What threatens us " with; love on THT ? And again about House 2

Today we will talk about that sauce in which the TV channel " serves to the viewer this food; THT . Namely - about love.

Motto of show: Construct the love! . Constantly expressions appear in advertizing and prompts to the program: City of love New love etc. In a broadcasting schedule of this " channel; To the House 2 the category " got; Love on THT . That is, word love it is obviously and persistently offered as expression of an essence of this TV program.

Try to present that everything developed exactly as has to be on a legend of creators of the project. Everything (well, or almost everything) participants of the project found mutual love. Fell in love, but not created " vapors;. What will turn out? All go having joined hands, friendly smile to everyone, and having remained together, coo as pigeons. What will be tested by the typical viewer, looking at all this?

Boredom! Slightly paraphrasing the classic, one may say, that all loving couples are similar at each other, and each couple in which there is no love, experiences the dislike in own way. Here the viewer is capable to watch these surges in dislike long and fixedly. So the ordinary person is arranged.

Theoretically, sometime to someone will climb up in the head to make TV program in which there will be plots how people wake up in the morning and smile to new day. Then they go to work, without exceeding speed and stopping on a yellow signal of the traffic light. In the evening, having honestly fulfilled, come back and spend time with a family.

Such transfer would be cleaned quickly from - for low a rating. People would not watch it because there nothing happens to . Here if the smoked youth, passing on red color, brought down three women, or the drunk man shot from the gun of neighbors - this causes a great interest in the average viewer! It can be discussed with all acquaintances for the next day.

However comes to nobody to mind to say that transfer about road incidents is a program about observance of traffic regulations. And nobody will tell that criminal chronicles are a transfer about law-abidingness. But here House 2 persistently try to give out as a TV show about love. And in essence it belongs to the above described type of programs. This show about dislike and about incidents in the human relations.

And the fact that these crimes against love are committed in artificially created situation does not distinguish them from similar, occurring in real life. Just to TV men so more convenient and cheaper to remove. I think that if they were given the license for murder, they would cease to chase militia operations groups in search of hot reportings. Instead on screens would appear a reality - show in which participants periodically postrelivat each other. And the reasons forcing to do it would be skillfully found and issued by directors in rules of the project.

Similarly, " project; House 2 it is organized and copes so that quantity of intrigues, scandals and treacheries did not fall below a certain level. The one who will come here to look for love, but not popularity and beautiful life will just be the casual person on the project. That is, the declared orientation of this TV show is opposite to true. Speaking in a different way, producers of TV channel just deceive us.

Let`s look now whether this lie is harmless? Authors of the project - not the first who operate a love subject for an earning of the money. At a dawn of Post-Soviet television the TV show " appeared; Love at first sight . From collected in a casual order (we will consider so) young people couples were created. Then young people in these couples, better others known and understanding each other, had chance to win a valuable prize. It seems that truth?

But feel a difference in realization! Those moments when two young people were one, did not show to the viewer in general! Even a visit of restaurant where obviously forbidden to display on TV did not occur. You think, directors of that show did not understand that it is the most interesting to the viewer? It is not necessary to be the genius to foresee as then the rating program strongly would increase.

I think, authors just did not want to break a taboo, a name to which - intimacy . The love does not need witnesses. And the loving couple aspires to a privacy in order that it was not seen. To show the attitudes to millions of curious and to claim that it is love - almost always lie. Because already fact of display is capable to kill love.

And on Love at first sight to say that there in each couple the love was born - would be at least slyness. But there also did not go further this slyness. Therefore it is difficult to assume that that transfer did some harm to the viewer. In a case with House 2 the situation is absolutely another. Business here not only that the viewer constantly plunges into the atmosphere of scandal and a negative. The general lie of this show - that all this is Love , gets into soul even of the mature person sooner or later.

You can present what is created with soul of the teenager? The fact that the most part of spectator audience - girls and young men of school age, is the fact. Their mothers still had an opportunity to get experience of romantic love, reading Scarlet Sails or something similar. But even they degrade under the influence of lie about love.

Guess that will be with the eleven-year-old girl getting knowledge of love only from such sources as House 2 ? Approximately the same, as when training the child in traffic regulations in a " broadcast; Department of incidents . She will sincerely consider that love - it is such and is, as in House 2 ! We just should see generation of the adults, which are not able to love .