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To whom does Aquarius promise happiness?

Aquarius - the most ancient constellation of the terrestrial sky which was esteemed still by ancient shumer and Egyptians, and later - Greeks, Romans, Arabs. What is curious: in different languages it designated same - pouring water (Gidrokhos, Akuarius, Sakib - al - ma).

What about it was kept in the memory by history?

In the Sumer kingdom Aquarius was called great sacred constellation because represented god of the sky Ana (Ana), the father of all other gods giving to the earth vivifying water. The most ancient images show that the rivers Tiger and Euphrates follow just from a vessel of Aquarius.

Shumera believed that this constellation is in the center of the heavenly sea and is a rainy season harbinger. Not casually the eleventh month of a Sumer calendar - " also is connected with it; month of a water damnation and the myth about god who warned mortal about a flood.

By the way, representations, similar on sense, let and with own national color, were available for ancient Egyptians. For example, that inflows of Nile - White Nile and Blue follow from divine vessels. In the Egyptian drawings Aquarius it was represented in the form of a man`s image with a jug in each hand from which it pours water on fish.

And it is valid if to track the direction of a stream from that jug with which Aquarius is presented in much later star atlases then it is possible to find: he gives to drink to the Southern Fish.

Besides, the greatest water level in Nile falls on time connected with this constellation. Was considered that in star shape of Aquarius god of water to Knem overturns a huge ladle to Nile.

So the biblical scene about Noye and his satellites in an ark which escaped from a flood existed also in earlier times. By the way, and at ancient Greeks too: there Devkalion, Prometheus`s son acts as the main character (together with the spouse Pirra), and on this basis some researchers believe that he is a prototype of star Aquarius.

However, there are alternative points of view. In particular, Ganymede applies for honor to be presented in a space height. This young man of unsurpassed beauty attracted at first to the goddess Eos, and then and Zeus who, having accepted shape of an eagle, transferred it to Olympe and determined by the cupbearer. On this treatment Aquarius pours cocktail from nectar and a rain.

According to other version, Aquarius embodies Kekrop, one of the first Athenian governors considered by the son Gei and who became famous for piety. It brought sacrificial libations to gods, using for this purpose usual water.

As describes constellation astronomical science?

Aquarius - big, though not too bright constellation. It occupies the space about 980 square degrees. The most known object in it - an asterism the Jug consisting of five stars, one of which is double. And last year scientists opened BD - 22 5866 - a multiple star with four components.

Among other sights of Aquarius there is a spherical congestion Sq.m, the red dwarf of Gliese 876 with three found exoplanets, two fogs - Saturn and the Snail. The last is the biggest planetary fog in all sky.

Also the fact that a number of stars in it is related fortunately is remarkable: Happiness of the state / sovereign; Happiness of happinesses (Good luck udach, the Happiest of happy); Lucky star of the hidden things; Lucky star of the merchant.

Well, we will wish good luck to all who are given birth by Aquarius!