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What picnic on Bogoriya`s lake is interesting by?

Bogoriya`s Lake are a reservoir, surprising on the beauty, which is in a crater of one of volcanoes of Kenya and is part of national park of Nakuru. I got to this remarkable place thanks to the good friend who, though is Indian, but all life lived in Kenya.

The way to Bogoriya began from the small Kenyan town of Eldoret. Exactly there lived friends of my satellite who invited us to picnic. The road was long, but cheerful. We left cool early in the morning under sounds of the Indian music which on all power sounded in the car. As I neither in the Indian music, nor especially do not understand Hindi (in which they preferred to communicate), I decided to enjoy landscapes which ran behind a window.

The way to the lake lies through a massif which at first sight reminds such native Crimean Mountains. However it only at first sight. Actually, if it is good to look narrowly, then it is possible to notice a set of the surprising plants peculiar only to the African landscapes. For example, the mysterious blossoming trees with extraordinary bright pink, red or yellow flowers. Or umbellate trees, widespread in Africa, with a flat top. Or my such favourite palm trees which in Africa grow even in mountains, though not such high, as on the plain.

However most of all I was surprised by huge cactuses, of the size of a good tree. On all way there was them very much and the different sizes. So, looking at one copy height about the two-storeyed house, my house cactus which already whole four years of the strengthened leaving and remained of the size of a cucumber was for some reason remembered.

About an hour through three twisting gornoydoroga, the lake appeared. I was already delighted that at last we reached the destination because the road deteriorated, having turned in dusty and broken. However to stop we and did not gather. Behind a window through a bush gray water in which small small groups gathered looked through it is white - pink flamingos.

Minutes through twenty we taxied up to the parking where it was possible to leave the car. Under a wide tree with prickly branches several big boulders where we also decided to organize the picnic lay. Nearby there were two more same platforms. On one of them the huge group of Indians who talking something loudly was located chewed.

The parking was on a small eminence. On the one hand over it the high rocky mountain covered with a dry grass and dusty trees hung. On the other hand extraordinary beautiful lake of Bogoriya which is famous not only one of the biggest habitats in Africa for a flamingo, but also the geysers and hot springs was below stretched.

Kenyans attribute to the lake magic properties. In their opinion, it can cure a set of illnesses, of skin diseases to a stress. Therefore first of all we went to one of geysers that before picnic to make our skin smooth, silky and young. Standing under the burning streams of geyzerny steam and drenched by droplets of hot water, I sincerely believed that my skin will become much better, however long I could not be there. Very much a scorching heat though my satellites crept up almost to the fountainlet which was beaten out from the earth and with pleasure inhaled hot steam.

Cooking was the following item of our program. Picnic after all. In the menu we had two dishes boiled eggs and boiled potatoes. Having put in one sack from an egg grid, and in another - potatoes and having tied to them a string, we threw them in one of geysers.

Waiting for food I decided to examine vicinities. In total - the main sight of Bogoriya is a flamingo. Salty alkaline water of the lake in which the main bird`s food - plankton is found attracts them here. It is considered that on the lake besides a flamingo about 135 more different types of birds live, however I did not manage to see them.

As Bogoriya in one places can be cold, and in others obzhigayushche we heat, many birds perish in his vicinities. This very sad show, however unreasonable birds cannot define in any way in what place they are waited by a hot trap therefore on coast of a reservoir it is possible to find a set of remains once of fine flamingos.

Packs of a flamingo, generally huge on the number, settled down in the distance, about other coast, however I managed to consider several birds from a sufficient short distance. One couple, it is possible even newlyweds, kissed near the coast. Several others with a business look something were discussed, having gathered a circle. The majority of them stood on one leg, periodically catching something from water. I tried to creep closer to take the good picture, however they ran up and scattered in different directions.

Somewhere in an hour our food cooked. Having strewed eggs and potato with some Indian spices and sauces, we with pleasure ate them, washing down with national African drink of the cook - Coca (here it is drunk by all and always). Having gorged on, we settled to have a rest under our prickly tree. There was enough hot as even the earth generally in many places about the lake hot. But periodically appearing refreshing mountain breeze, turned rest into really pleasant occupation.

There was no wish to come back, however it was necessary. On a way back we met ostriches. They with curiosity considered our car and even allowed to take a picture of themselves then they with indignation left in a bush.

We came back at sunset, even it in the African mountains an unforgettable show. I looked at the gray clouds in a pink haze which hung over green tops of mountains listened to the Indian music and remembered today`s picnic on the lake of Bogoriya who was the most unusual and surprising in my life.