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What is iPhone and than it is good? Part second: App Store & Soft

with the advent of iPhone in the Internet - iTunes shop appeared also such section as of App Store , i.e. shop of the software (in a different way still call ON, software, appendices). In other words, in the same way as music, here now it is possible to buy and download the most different programs.

And Steve Jobs`s company, the main hero of Apple, arrived very wisely, having given an opportunity to sell programs in this shop to third-party developers and having given them for this purpose a free set of program tools.

Today the number of these appendices makes about 15 thousand, and the number of their downloads read off scale for 500 million! Some especially successful programmers in a month earn 120 thousand dollars for the program which costs $4,99. For example, Steve Demeter, the developer of the game Trism, earned $250 000 in two months.


The fact that on iPhone it is possible to install different programs is very much and very conveniently! As it was already told, on their my phone already about 100. Would be more, but just any more there are no time and desire.

Statistically the most large number from them are various games. And, at the expense of the big screen, tremendous opportunities of graphics, audio and video process of game becomes very fascinating. Even for adult uncles and the aunt which it also did not think earlier to be engaged.

All in App Store of 20 categories of various programs. At it and programs for business, financial (beginning from home accounts department before difficult calculations for the credits), e-books, education, music, the photo, sport, social networks, etc. now for the sake of interest we will look with

A that is established on phone of the ordinary user. And, it is necessary to consider that owners of iPhones regularly communicate with each other and visit the specialized sites where find information on new programs. Therefore such individual list can be rather indicative.

the User list of programs

So, are included into my list of the user programs:

Group of programs of the class ICQ - it is very convenient to span to communicate with friends and acquaintances. Why group, but not one? We choose more convenient option.

the Whole set of eReaders of e-books in different formats. It both for, and for work. In more detail about it later, in separate article

e-books. Among them: Master and Margarita Inhabited Island The Atlas straightened shoulders Ayn Rand, Dreamcatcher Stephen King, Deception Point - new book of Dan Brown, author sensational Da Vinci Code practically all series of books Agent 007 Zapominalki for the English words etc. And also such book famous nowadays as Mysterious history of Benjamin Batton the movie on which with Brad Pete in a male lead is nominated this year to Oscar on several nominations at once.

Schedulers of tasks - pass the approbation period regarding the final choice.

Translators - too regarding the choice, or perhaps will also remain as all with different funktsionalnost.

Muzykalki - a guitar, a piano, percussions. It is in general separate history. It is possible to play as if the guitar, a piano, to knock on percussions. The PocketGuitar program, for example, last year headed all possible ratings of popularity and became just cult, for it now even music special is written, and videos are shot. Somewhere information flashed that even programs for joint playing music, the iPhone type - group appeared.

Otdykhalki is such programs when it is possible to put a timer / alarm clock and to turn on the music or various pleasant sounds. For example, rain sounds in Hawaiian / Amazonian / Indonesian the woods, fire sounds, noise of falls, singing of birds etc. of

Home accounts department.

the Sound recording and video - the whole group of appendices like dictophones and video cameras among which it is also possible to choose.

Programs for drawing. Did not master yet, but recently there was curious news that the police officer if I am not mistaken, in Japan, made an identikit by means of one of such programs.

Various utilities among which there is, for example, a calculation of tip, congratulations on birthdays, the test for the solution of intellectual tasks, etc. In App Store there are also specially female programs. For example, at one my familiar girl even I as to the man liked just superbeautiful program with viewing of collections of clothes of modern fashion designers. Very spectacularly and, as I understand, it is convenient - the latest collections in very beautiful photos. From the same series - the accounting of calories, programs for shopping, etc.

Pay attention, in most cases it is even not separate programs, and several programs of one class. There is a possibility of the choice, download a little, try and then gradually choose.

Besides, at developers becomes a good form to release the programs in two versions - paid Pro and free Lite with a smaller set of opportunities. It is convenient to download Lite in the beginning, to try, and then if it was pleasant, to acquire already full version.

One more supervision. Quite often in domestic mass media it is possible to meet opinion that our users do not like to pay on the Internet and all prefer to receive free of charge, like for free.

But recently at the forums devoted to iPhone and software to it even more often it is possible to meet statements in the sense that users wish to get (and get!) full versions on quite legal bases. And it is valid, $5 are not accident for a purse presently any more.


, of course, Would be wrong be not to mentioned


Main among them is the price which in the CIS countries fluctuates in limits about $700-1200.

Others among which limitation of Bluetooth, not the strongest chamber (2 megapixels), is not present the built-in video are not present a kopipast, it is not really convenient to delete SMS - ki, etc. - it is possible to suffer, in principle.

All this with interest pays off the opportunities which are listed above. the Conclusion

By the nature of the activity I work hard as

with texts, devoted to the software. And there recently such term as " often meets; it is service - the focused architecture . In sense that it is very good and that to it there is all IT - the industry.

And so, it is represented more and more lawful to consider that iPhone is it and is.

I.e. phone as such thing in which everything is that is necessary for the modern person and is even more, than just the computer. It is a platform for various programs and services which can independently work, carrying out the functions.

Today it is the device by the principle all in one, most necessary thing for everyday life.

Not for nothing Steve Jobs once told that iPhone will change this world. It seems that it already occurs!