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We look for suppliers with the help the Internet that can be simpler.

there was a new information Business resource Not so long ago - the Navigator which lights torgovo - industrial activity of the companies in the territory of Russia.

In fact, the resource represents extensive business the reference book of the enterprises where the enterprises of Russia place detailed information on goods and services.

When we look for suppliers, the bigger priority is given the freshest, so actual offers on cooperation. Having taken this moment as a basis, developers and creators of a resource offered the interesting, and, above all effective " service; Business - the Partner which allows to run for search of partners and suppliers, having spent no more than 10 minutes of the precious time.

Also the fact that this service is provided free of charge to all users is remarkable. The variety of headings on branches allows to run for search of partners and suppliers in various sectors of economy.

Also users have an opportunity to choose the region of the offer sending inquiries on certain regions of Russia.

For whom it is actual?

On the one hand the answer is simple for an operational complete set torgovo - the industrial enterprises goods, raw materials, the equipment etc. of

But there is also other important moment. Similar service is demanded also among the companies which are interested in receiving new, target consumers.

It is enough to be registered in system and to receive applications from the consumer.

We look for suppliers or as it occurs.

Procedure of sending inquiries is simple, the device, but about everything one after another is much more difficult than it. Let`s begin with the fact that process completely is under control of the moderator and not one request is not sent without approval. This measure allows not to allow mailings of letters of advertizing character which, as a rule, are not desirable mail.

All information base consists of the companies which underwent procedure of registration and contains all contact information including public e - mail.

Transition of the user to system happens after registration / authorization on the server and the choice of appropriate section in the menu of a private office. Viewing of all requests sent per the user with display of the status of inquiry is provided in the section.

" button; To Add forms new inquiry where it is necessary to fill the field: Letter Subject ; Complete description inquiry (the user has to formulate accurately the inquiry); Position responsible person; Full name .

Further, it is necessary to choose the region of the Russian Federation which is most actual for your inquiry if the region is essentially not important, establish In total (in the second case a request will be sent to all regions of the Russian Federation).

Choose the most important for you headings, on subject of inquiry.

The system will automatically create your signature (information will be taken from registration data of the user and the filled fields is higher). It is important that the letter - inquiry will be created to each recipient separately and it is turned to the particular person as though you sent and on one.

After the choice of the " button; To Keep this request needs to be sent the moderator.

During the day the inquiry is checked by the employee of a resource for compliance to rules and the system designation then one of three decisions is accepted: 1. To dispatch; 2. To send to completion; 3. To remove.

The status of inquiry is displayed in appropriate section of a private office.

After sending request for requirements of the enterprise within a day learn thousands of the companies in various regions of the Russian Federation.

" system; Business - the Partner considers interests of both parties, participants of trade relations that does it valuable and demanded.

We wish you new and reliable partners and suppliers.