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How to bring up the assistant from the three-year-old kid?

Three-year-old kids constantly strive for independence. One of the most widespread phrases of the child of this age I -! . Sometimes rushes of the kid most to put on boots or to wash a cup irritate adults. So far it does everything slowly, and parents eternally somewhere hurry.

If constantly to stop the baby, not to give it the chance independently to work, then he inevitably will begin to think that it is not necessary for it at all (or it is even impossible) to do something most. The aspiration to self-service and desire to help adults gradually will be gone.

That it did not happen, already at three-year age it is necessary to impart skills of independent action. Moreover: parents have to direct the child, train him it is correct to work. How to make it? In game. And game for the kid is not only driving of the machine or disguise of a doll, but also the help to mother in preparation of a dinner and care of a pet. Let`s consider several games directed to acquisition by the three-year-old child of practical skills.


we Teach the child to make the bed. This game cultivates accuracy and independence in the child. That the kid himself wanted to participate in process, tell it that it already rather adult to clean a bed in the mornings. Do not force the child to make a bed alone, let him perform only work, feasible for it (for example, straightens a cover).

In order that the baby remembered sequence of actions, accompany cleaning of a bed with a suitable rhyme. If you do not want anything to think out, use it:

Morning came, it is time for us to rise!

Before to wash, we will make a bed:

Exactly, we will accurately put a blanket,

I then we will spread from above a cover.

And then, having straightened all four ears,

Will lay down on a bed a soft pillow.

- Mothers, tonight I will not go to bed, Beauty krovatny I do not want to break


you Give these classes every morning until at the child the habit to make a bed daily is developed.

Cheerful scullion

This useful occupation not only cultivates aspiration to help seniors in the kid, but also develops motility of hands, coordination, ability to count the forces and to compare the sizes.

For game prepare: aprons for and the child, flour, dough, a stuffing for pies, a baking sheet and two tea spoons.

If the kid did not show interest in your culinary affairs yet, read it the tale of the Little Red Riding Hood. After that declare that you are going to bake pies for the grandmother, as in the fairy tale.

Powder a table and palms with flour that dough stuck. Suggest the child to do the same actions. Separate two pieces of the test (for yourself and for it). After that slowly stretch the piece in flat cake. The kid has to see all your actions well. If he is upset from - for the fact that such equal and accurate flat cake is impossible to it as at you, encourage him and help a little.

Put ready flat cakes on a table. Show how by means of a teaspoon to spread a stuffing in the center of flat cake. When the kid does this action (under your management), teach him to pinch edges of pie. Lay ready pies a seam down on a baking sheet. If the child wants to make it - allow him.

When you will serve the baked pies to a table, surely emphasize that the kid baked them.

Where there lives the toy?

This game will help to accustom the child that all toys have to lie on the places. Begin with cleaning of one toy, then add also others. Gradually the kid will remember an arrangement of objects and will clean them into place.

If he forgets or will refuse to clean some toy in it lodge imperceptibly hide it. Ask a bit later where this toy. The kid will begin to look for it and will not find. Then tell it a small tale...

Once upon a time there was a girl Katya. It had a favourite doll Masha and a bear cub Plush. Somehow time was played by Katya with toys and forgot them to clean on the place. The beauty Masha on a floor lay, the father entered here and incidentally pushed away her a leg. Masha was very small and easy doll therefore imperceptibly departed under a case. The bear cub Plush rolled on a sofa on which mother sat down. She a little bit grumbled a little on Katya for the fact that that scattered toys, and put a bear cub on a shelf. The bear cub began to cry because that it was not his shelf, and he very much wanted on the place. And the doll Masha quietly began to cry on a cold floor under a case.

Katya did not hear unfortunate Plush, the lost Masha. There came morning. The girl woke up and wanted to wish to the favourites of kind morning, but did not find them on that place where they have usually a rest. Now its turn to cry came. Katya cried loudly and bitterly, but could do nothing. Toys were gone. Then mother regretted Katya and found her darlings a doll and a bear cub, but toys took offense at the hostess and did not want to play with it " any more;.

during discussion of the fairy tale the child has to come to a conclusion that toys should be cleaned into place. During cleaning, constantly be interested where what toy has to lie where it lodge .

At three-year age the kid already feels like the personality and has own opinion. Parents should accept these changes and to give to the child the chance of the choice and independent actions. Reckon with his opinion, but direct actions in the right direction. And then the kid will surely help you!