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Over whose music children cry? Over Mikhail Meerovich`s music!

The Hedgehog in fog children need to show or at the age of 2 - 3 years, or after 18. In the early childhood this animated film bewitches, after majority - strikes with the shedevralnost. But those to whom from 3 to 18, it will not be understood just and that can be even worse begun to hate.

We opened this animated film when to the child there were two. The child looked it and suddenly burst out crying. Thought - accident. But at the following viewing the son broke into tears again. On the same place - when the hedgehog lost the small knot with raspberry jam and rushed about on fog in search of loss. Without having found anything terrible in a visual row, we understood - matter in music.

So Mikhail Meerovich entered my life. The composer who wrote music more than to 120 animated films. Among them - all works of Yury Norstein, five parts The Kitten by the name of Gav Brownie Kuzya and many others. From Kitten the child cried too. In the last part devoted to memory of the director of an animated cartoon Lev Atamanov.

Few years ago on request for Meerovich it was difficult to find something in the Internet in general. Behind an exception unless years of life. Was born in Kiev on February 26, 1920, died - in 1993. And still - a full filmography on the website animator. ru. There it is specified that the last animated film Hobbit. Treasures at the foot of a hill in which Mikhail Aleksandrovich appears the composer, left in a year after his death.

But here quite recently Yury Povolotsky`s article in the " magazine got to me; Israel XXI . And a lot of things became clear. Mikhail Meerovich began to write music for the Soviet animation not at tender age at all. Till 1952 the graduate of the Moscow state conservatory on a class of composition and a piano taught in the Alma - a mater. And the first animated cartoon in which Meerovich appeared the composer left in 1954.

It is avaricious data of the biography from which we do not know what was the cause of creative silence of Meerovich The resolution of the Central Committee of All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks) of 1948 in which only one direction admitted music - a socialist realism. And though this document arose from - for wrong soundings of the opera of Vano Muradeli Great friendship future author of music to To the Hedgehog in fog too received a label - Zmeerovich. And together with it - disgrace and beggarly existence.

So for the first time the name of Meerovich as the composer appeared in credits when to it it was noticeable for 30, after a dethronement of a cult of personality of Stalin. Probably, therefore later Mikhail Meerovich as if made up for lost time: such productivity, and at all not to the detriment of quality, everyone could envy. It is enough to listen to music in the same animated films of Yury Norstein or vanguard Fedoriny grief . The number of the dubbed animated films in a year could reach ten.

By the way, Meerovich revealed a secret of tears of the child itself, long before the birth of the young viewer. He said that music irrespective of whether it approaches the movie or not, has applied character and therefore most often it is necessary to go to cinema on a surface, accompanying what is seen by the viewer . So simply, but what effect! Let`s remember at least Fairy tale of fairy tales where simple measured pre-war life develops into the Great Patriotic War storm. On the screen we see how in dancing couples partners - men disappear, disturbing messages about death fly, trains rush And then again world. And again same music. Only waited not for all

With Norstein, by the way, Meerovich is connected by the special relations. The creator of great animated films had to pull out the companion from psychiatric hospital. Those years (70 - e) to get in mental hospital was business simple. Loss of a dream from overfatigue - and the psychiatrist instead of writing out to the person soothing, sent it for treatment. And the composer extremely was necessary for Norstein to write music to the new animated film. For the sake of release of the friend Norstein connected the person with communications - directors of pictures on Soyuzmultfilm Nathan Bitman. After that there was the best waltz of the XX century to To the Crane and heron .

Speak, it long was not given to Meerovich. And once in the middle of the night at Norstein in the apartment phone call was distributed. Mikhail Aleksandrovich found what is necessary. And the director needed to listen to it. When Norstein heard familiar to the whole world sounds now, he ordered to write down notes immediately. What Meerovich answered that it is easier for it to compose it anew. It had the same relation also to money: it is easier to earn, than to lift from a floor.

Meerovich was not only cinema - animation composer. He composed operas, wrote for the ballet. Only not domestic - it is more and more Japanese, Czechoslovak. And only in the last years fifteen lives. But its most known works appeared in animation.

It is a pity, but the latest work of Yury Norstein - Overcoat on which the master works already more than a quarter of the century - and will remain without Meerovich`s sounding. After Mikhail Aleksandrovich`s death the director tried to listen to the Seventh quartet of Dmitry Shostakovich. Did not grow together. And who knows, maybe, for this reason we still did not see Overcoats . Only in fragments.

The most adult composer writing for children did not become 11 (according to some information 12) July, 1993. Heart