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Whether ghosts will return to the house on the Arbat?

of the Ghost, Masonic signs, criminals, magicians, collectors of Old Russian manuscripts, German bomber. And also Suvorov, Pushkin, Obolensky, Golitsyn, Shakhovsky and many other well-known names. Both the human grief, and human pleasure - all this was weaved in well-known Haunted house on the Arbat.

the Riddle the first, supernatural

the House number 14 on the Arbat was always known to

as the Haunted house. That is ghosts were known (knock, howls, shouts, music funeral, shadows in white clothes, all live to the earth drags away ) there is no reason of their emergence -. The researcher of this phenomenon of Rams carried out a survey of all whom it is possible: stacker of firewood, carrier, plumber, poor old men, handicraftsmen, builders, market dealers, and also Arbat old residents... Heard terrible stories: and about a family hung up whose head was a counterfeiter, and about the colonel whose young wife shamed him with the dragoon officer (according to other versions - with the actor), and it was shot, collected many all stories. Also gave the report on this subject which was published under the name Moscow legends .

Andrey Bely wrote about this house too. That in it traded in means from bugs, and then the image of a devil altar for some reason opened by

the Solution the first

It is described that when the police surrounded the house, grabbed a gang of criminals which hid there and represented from itself ghosts that residents was less. And also dashing people arranged orgies there. The fact still described. In 1919 in the house the workshop - zakroyny on which gangster attack was made settled down, and hundreds of coils of sewing threads - possibly, a great value then were stolen... Malefactors were not caught. The facts are known, however awful stories everything continued to live further, up to our time.

Most we repeat one of these stories - it is the story about the prince - the magician. As if there lived there a certain prince whose Bryusova the book was stolen by the footman that to learn the magic. The prince - came back home, the footman hid the book under a plate, there it burned down, the prince from a grief hung himself, but then became to be to look for the book. The footman became an inveterate drunkard. And talked to it, interrogated

A of Bryusov the book - too a riddle in itself. Yakov Bruce is the descendant of the Scottish king Robert Bruce, the Russian statesman, Peter I`s associate, the participant of all wars, the astronomer, the author of planning of Moscow, the first calendar, the originator Karty of lands, the founder of the first observatory. The observatory that was located in the Sukharevsky tower, the people were frightened light, Bruce got reputation of the magician, sorcerer and magician. Also Bruce a mason was, it is known. Magic Bryusova book allegedly in general belonged to the tsar Solomon and revealed to Bruce all secrets of life. Interesting stories can be read in To the Moscow old times

the Riddle the second, historical

is given by

In books a surname of the prince Hilkov. On the Internet other surname - the prince Halikov often meets. Did not find princes Halikov (probably, the mistake in a network somewhere went for a walk). And here Hilkov`s family - the most famous, is known davny - long ago (by the way, the last from Hilkov lives in Mytishchi, near Moscow). One of representatives of this sort - the founder and the chief of the railroads in Russia. It is unlikely such people would begin to be engaged in sorcery moreover and to commit a suicide. Still version: one of princes of Shakhovsky living in this house, too, speak, took the own life. There is no solution. In a word, legends of old times but how much interesting and precisely known occurred in this building!

The facts

Owned this house the clerk F. S. Manukov (A. V. Suvorov`s grandfather, according to other versions - only the earth), princes Shakhovskiye, Obolenskiye. Removed a mansion the magnate a background of Mecca (someone remembers, probably, the well-known correspondence of Tchaikovsky), the prince Golitsyn, V. Undolsky. It is possible to write about everyone separately.

Obolenskiye`s princes, one of which - the director of the Moscow main archive Ministries of Foreign Affairs. Around this archive the circle of young educated people about whom Pushkin wrote in " was created; Eugene Onegin :

of Arkhivna of the young man crowd

prudishly look At Tanya

I about it between themselves

Unfavourable speak

Vukol Mikhaylovich Undolsky is the archival figure, the bibliographer and the collector of Old Russian manuscripts. His compositions are published and presently.

the Riddle next, about a fake and casual return of a portrait

to One of archival young men - To S. A. Sobolevsky, the portrait was presented as a gift. To all of us now known. A. Pushkin`s portrait of work of V. Tropinin. (By the way, by both V. Veresayev, and M. I. Pylyaev it is described that the artist and the poet made out at once each other a long nail - a characteristic Masonic sign. Tropinin made a greeting, and Pushkin threatened it with a finger).

This portrait was handed over until to the poet and historian S. Shevyrev a certain painter was and asked for permission to make the copy. Allegedly not the original, namely the copy returned back any more. And the original incidentally found in the antiquary and again Obolensky got, and already from the same house in 1909 the portrait got to the museum. And at the same time on covers of all editions of A. Pushkin. Moshenstvo - precisely was. Details disperse.

The house 14 on the Arbat was destroyed during bombing in the Great Patriotic War. Bombs intended Narkomatu of defense. But everything was destroyed. Now it are going to restore and make the museum.

Anyway, often we go and we do not remember (sometimes we do not even suspect) that each span of the earth is filled with the history. More precisely, our history.

And it is not important: who lived, went, loved, suffered. Whether prince, whether poet. The deceived husband or the mystifier. The carrier - the bomber or the sales agent. We not the first and not the last. Inhabitants of a mansion under the name Earth, the third number from the Sun. Too any miscellaneous occurs here. Both terrible, and cheerful, and unclear. Here is how we will be remembered - difficultly to assume.

And ghosts - a minor matter. Even the last.