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What is dream? (art)

Day was given awful. It was really awful day which is unpleasantly allocated against replacing each other and similar as twins, days. The fatigue aching annoying pain during the day, having felt a weak point it was taken for me seriously.

Having leaned the elbows on a convenient back of a chair behind a little table in my favourite institution, I mentally spoke the order which players I did not change already within a year. Double espresso. As it is called... Dopium? Something like it.

the Double portion of caffeine in blood, the price in hundred twenty rubles, plus a small chocolate and a plate of chewing gum in the folder of the account.

Everything repeats. The waitress - the charming girl with a smile on duty - almost spoke for me my order and left, having waved floors of a white apron and a shock darkly - a nutbrown hair.

Ya leaned back on a back of a chair again and closed eyes.

the Easy movement of air near the person. Has to be, brought my order. Quickly worked.

did not want to open eyes. Let I will look silly: the young man dozing in cafe. To spit.

Again easy movement of air, vanilla smell. Vanilla? Very interestingly. I open eyes.

Seemed, nothing changed, except for a cup with gently - cream drink and an invariable small chocolate. However, opposite to me, having easily leaned back in a chair and attentively studying me, the unfamiliar girl settled down.

Roofing felts from nerves, roofing felts from a coquetry, she poigryvat a lock of a straight fair hair and expectantly, with a half-smile peered to me into eyes.

For some reason absurd and singularity of the situation which was not keeping within at all in equal as chain links, a chain of days reached such level when also appearance of the Fairy Godmother - would become an event as banal as improbable.

In other words if I tell that I was surprised to the unexpected guest - I will tell lies. Surprise was not. On the contrary, there was a feeling that to this girl I went to a coffee house today and waited for it emergence quietly as something self-evident.

It is necessary what well-aimed comparison: Fairy godmother. The girl lacked a stick with the peaked asterisk scattering gold pollen. This thought, having a little boiled in consciousness, decided to come to light, having expressed in a faint smile.

Silly I looked at this moment: I sit, I smile to the unfamiliar girl.

A the blond beauty as if having read my thoughts, bent a little forward and proshepatat:

- Is surprised?

- - absolutely sincerely answered I At all.

I right there to it was surprised: there was no surprise. From it, as well as for my fatigue there is no trace left also.

the Girl, approached a little meanwhile the candle standing on a table why in her blue eyes reflections of a flame flashed.

needed to continue conversation somehow.

- by What it is obliged to visit? - a little roughly, but, trying to keep softness in a voice I said.

- Missed, - it is whimsical as if the child, inflated sponges. - Absolutely about me forgot.

Business took an interesting turn. It seems, I with someone was mixed?

- it seems to me, we never met.

- I so do not think, - the girl stopped admiring a candle flame, looked at me and, having playfully inclined the head sideways, added: Novel.

of Op - a pas. So that`s that. My name is known, and therefore the probability of misunderstanding sharply slipped on zero.

Seeing my confusion, the stranger continued:

- However, I am not surprised. Many absolutely forget how I look. I can be absolutely different. Beautiful or ugly, kind or angry... Hopeless, or great...

- What is your name?

- Dream, - she smiled, having bared a number of equal and white teeth. - My name is Dream.

- Dream?, - for the first time for all day I dared to burst out laughing. - And where your girlfriends? Anger? Envy? Pride? Commitment?

- You pay them attention. They have no need to come - they so always near you. Every day. And here about me you absolutely forgot, - it tried to be inflated whiningly again. Well just as child.

Dream? And why is also not present? Now I was ready to believe also in it. Why it validly not to be dream? Beautiful, as the Goddess, with pleasant by voices a smile. Easy, graceful, air.

I suddenly reached me. All irony with which I treated a situation suddenly hitherto disappeared. Before me the Dream sat. Terrestrial, its material embodiment. Smiled to me as to the old acquaintance, easily tapped with accurate fingers on a silk cloth and looked to me in the face. It is playful, with a reproach. Also there was in this look something native, warm, lulling...

- Why you here? - I hung the head, looking at the intricate patterns formed in an espresso penalty fee. - I really almost about you forgot.

- That`s it therefore I here. You not one in the forgetfulness... Many people about me forget. I am too an efemerna, it is too far for them while my sisters - Anger, Envy, Pride, Hypocrisy - to them is much closer. It is simpler to people to reach for what is closer so?

- You perfectly know it. But why then you come? Uninvited guest? Unless it is impossible to allow people to live as they want?

Dream ceased to smile and, appear, reflected. The pause dragged on. At last, she quietly said:

- They do not want to live so. Actually. At heart. They allow circumstances to prevail over themselves. To manipulate itself. They call it reality, think out hundreds of justifications, find thousands of the reasons never to remember me. I speak - easy to forget me. I as fire - will go out without dry branches. As a beautiful flower - it is worth breaking and admiring will remain not for long. It is much more difficult to keep my image in the heart and to carefully carry him, without allowing boots of foreign reason to press my gentle petals. At you, for example, earlier well it turned out... I liked to be in your heart: there it was warm and cozy.

- I remember you. In the far childhood I felt as a row your presence.

- In your childhood I as well as you, was small. We are age-mates. I was born on light together with you. I got stronger together with you.

- But now I am the adult. I see many things on another.

In a throat foully dried up. Having taken a cup and having taken a sip cooling down, seemed to me extraordinary bitter, drink, I continued:

- For what you to me? I do not have enough time for ephemeral. You are the phantom unattainable and incorporeal.

- Earlier you so did not consider. I was for you meaning of life...

- It was the childhood. It is impossible to pursue you all life. It is impossible to live illusion, cherishing your almost inaudible essence.

- Is impossible, speak? - The dream mysteriously smiled, almost indistinctly led palms and we suddenly appeared in the dark.

From my long ago forgotten companion proceeded the easy bluish shine similar to aura.

Darkness was a little clarified. Or rather, it turned in ordinary night. After a while, when eyes got used to darkness, I could make out outlines of objects. Light proceeding from Dream a little grew dim, however it was still brightest that was at this moment in the room.

Ya looked round. Hospital chamber.

- Why we here? - I asked, in advance understanding that I will not receive the direct answer.

- you See this person? - The dream specified by a palm towards the room.

There, on a classical metal hospital bed, with an armor-clad grid, lay the man. Not young, but not old. He thoughtfully looked at the Moon which is making the way through curtains and highlighting fancy patterns on a table.

- I See, - I felt a little ill at ease. There were not enough still now explanations before the sick person, concerning our visit.

- do not worry, - the Dream read my thoughts again. - He does not see us. Does not see you. But he feels me always. Even when I am absent nearby.

- And now?

- Always. And now, and the last half a year when the illness chained it to a bed and deprived of an opportunity to go. He believes in me and together we become stronger. We grow. And while it does not allow to come to the heart to Realism - we are invincible.

- What is Realism in this case?

- the Clinical record, Roma, - Dream approached a headboard of a bed and gently carried out by a palm on the man`s hair. - Doctors say that the situation hopeless - it will never be able to go. There is a Realism. His beautiful, young wife left him, without having sustained what happened to the spouse. There is a Realism. It remained one. So see in what heart Realism. But he so does not consider because with it I. And so far he wants that I was near - I will be. We together will not allow to destroy our tandem... You see?

- I See, - I admitted.

In the room darkened again.

Darkness was replaced with easy light of a night lamp. In spite of the fact that the night lamp was most muffled, even such light was enough for want of habit to blink.

B is rather poor to the arranged room, in a far corner the young woman quietly sang, shaking a cradle.

- I like to come here, - the Dream gave a vote and having glanced in a bed, patted the baby on a cheek. - Here I feel at the same time weak (an easy nod towards the child) and strong (The dream put a hand on the woman`s shoulder). Incredibly strong.

- And what happened to it? - I was perplexed. The tranquility of the woman did not inspire any pity. There was only an affection: the picture which was so appeared to me was fine.

- her husband died in accident. He sometimes remembered me, but to him, as well as you - liked to cook in pressing problems more. I was powerless.

- And it?

- It? She does not give up. Works at three works and brings up the child. She remembers me. Perhaps, is even stronger, than that patient. It is strong, Roma, oh, as it is strong... You see?

- I See, - I admitted.

In the room darkened.

... The little girl who put out tongue and diligently writing the letter to Ded To Maroz ...

... The student sleeping on abstracts...

... The young girl who is combing hair and gently glancing at a photoframe with the image of the nice fellow...

... The businessman, razobrosavshy the inconceivable number of documents on a table and leaned back in a chair blindly...

... The young spouse listening to the rounded stomach of the beloved wife...

We much where were. And every time the Dream asked me whether I see what it shows me. I saw

I. Saw what already managed to forget absorbed by daily cares. Saw what once forbade himself to see.

Once again from darkness appeared coffee house outlines. Coffee was still hot as though we also did not leave anywhere.

- You appeared the rights, Dream, - I began and suddenly stopped short, having seen that my companion is absent nearby.

In cafe was still quietly irat by music, and only light vanilla aroma remained to soar in air, reminding of my recent guest.

It left. Left as suddenly as appeared. But this time it left not up to the end. Somewhere, at heart I felt its heat, its gentle touches, her tender smile.

was not also a trace for former fatigue. I got stronger in the eyes, and together with me the Dream got stronger in heart.

Ya rose, once again looked at that place where she just sat and left at night...

Author: Roman Shevchenko