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What is the HOUSE 2?

So were moved that (if not the second) families the TV became the center of the Universe, the place of traditional collecting every third. Despite availability presently other sources of information, such as interesting, informative books and scientifically - popular magazines, a blue luminescence of the screen still as the magnet, pulls to itself inhabitants of the family center.

Under its influence people of the most different age - young and old get. Tens of hours of information - truthful and distorted, kind and angry, useful and decomposing - tons fall out on the audience.

It is possible to argue and sort long on bricks each element of modern television, but against lump are unpleasantly allocated some.

Today I would like to talk about TV program (or a reality - show as now it is fashionable to call them) the HOUSE 2.

we Will remember history of this transfer?

the Team builds the house of several couples. The best couple, as a result, will receive it.

All. The finished, absolutely adequate idea. As a result of this idea quite logical chain has to turn out: A tie - Action (a, actually, action) - Result.

In practice, the picture appears at us several. It is very obvious that organizers of the HOUSE 2 (further - to Foremen) so liked dividends from the first part of the project, they so stuck to thousands of SMS sent by the audience that to vote for color of a varnish on nails at the leader and in reply to receive cool, 10 on 10 pixels the picture, it is unclear, what representing, or a monofonichny ringtone, it is unclear that the player that they decided to continue this project.

Here only one grief - builders miscalculated. Any building whatever it large-scale was has to end sometime. And further rushes to show off only worsen a picture.

No very quietly to present a nice lodge to a happy couple (and after shootings to expel any more not such happy actors in their Five-storey apartment block) in front of a chamber and to cover the project. Then to smoke one - other Havana cigar with the chief director and, honestly a polozha a hand on the fresh magazine of the HOUSE, to think up some new mega - the project - a reality - show - send - SMS - with - a code. But... whether quality of tobacco in a cigar that day was insufficiently good, whether the magazine of the HOUSE was not really fresh, but at television geniuses nothing was born more originally, than to create a reality - show - send - SMS - still - time. With the same plain name HOUSE 2.

Before writing article that readers did not condemn me for bias and did not begin to argue furiously to me, that I understand nothing how abruptly to send SMS - ki it is unclear where, it is unclear who and does not know why I sat down in front of the TV (house were shocked!) and honestly looked the whole two and a half series. Smoking on couple of cigarettes on each advertizing and convulsively one every time when the leader presented sitting at a fire builders the smile.

What I understood from transfer?

the Group of people chaotically rushes about on the screen, with the tense cheerful, sad or phlegmatic faces, obviously worrying whether SMS there is enough - some Lyalechka ok will send from It is new - Tmutarakanovo and whether will give to all sufferers the fresh issues of the magazine the HOUSE, periodically facing with each other, in a casual order changing (kissing, embracing, fighting, making rows to jealousy, swearing). Plus to it, they also manage to report each other (and at the same time and to the viewer) the mass of useful data that: And Mashka have that! And at Mashka!. And I to it to a prikhaaazh, and it to me gavaarit and so forth we Will assume

that we met the person who does not know about the HOUSE 2 at all. I understand that it from area of the most courageous fantasy, but nevertheless. If it is short to it to retell idea of the project (interestingly how to make it? The idea of the project was forgotten for a long time also by foremen), it as the Person - Still - - to Time - Not - Sending - SMS - With - the Code, will ask quite logical question: Really it is watched? Also it will be very surprised with the answer that Still as look . What psychological portrait of the viewer HOUSE 2? Certainly, generally it is watched by girls - teenagers.

We will a little recede from the fact that the viewer the HOUSE 2 is a girl, in pink jeans in an oblipochka, a pink T-shirt, with the inscription Glamour Lady the shivering fingers the gathering SMS - With - the Code, we will also glance slightly more deeply.

Why it occurs?

For the teenager in the course of formation of its idea of world around it is very important to h2 to have evident behavioural models of these or those life situations before eyes. Earlier the child`s parents acted as carriers of these models. But in our high-speed century parents often physically do not manage to pay due attention to the child. And even the HOUSE 2 can serve in such important age in formation of the personality to some authority generator of such models. The teenager perceives for a pure coin what is shown him by Transfer - About - Which - All - Say.

As a result at the girl the image of future woman corrected by the HOUSE 2 is formed: the vulgar, beyond the years developed, shitty and scandalous emancipated person ruminating with an open mouth listening to a player in the course of conversation who is absolutely tactlessly communicating with the representative of an opposite sex treating seniors with disrespect and completely deprived of an esthetics per se. The teenager involuntarily adopts this behavior model on himself, without realizing all cynicism and perversity over reality of the action presented on the screen.

Result: we see the girl going along a corridor odomivshuyusya who is not tearing off the osolovely, deprived of rationality look in the screen of the cell phone holding under the arm the HOUSE 2 magazine and answering all questions: And that Vashche atas But At such moments you begin to understand pensioners for their hatred to youth.

I do not claim that the teleproject is guilty of everything. Eventually, this personal record of everyone - what transfer to give preference. There is a mass of people whom building did not concern who understood in time that they too value the time and prefer training of intelligence to its decomposition. Honor and praise by it! Leave these bad stereotypes, this pressure of society, the gregarious law and look at the HOUSE with sober eyes. To the normal, esthetically developed person will watch it not only it is not interesting, but also it is opposite.

With much bigger advantage you can look in a window. Or just get with legs on a chair, be covered with a plaid, gather in a mug of hot broth and think No matter, about what. The person is given birth to think.

Reason - our highest gift and the supreme value. Do not allow the projects playing on low instincts to litter it. In the world and there is so enough negative, abuse, quarrels and squabbles. For what to visualize all this, concentrating in a point of Tivi? Think of something kind. Make something kind. And perhaps, in only case when you will feel taste of the real, live, not thought up by the director smile Give

to you God!