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How it is better to understand each other?

From a series paradoxes of programming

- Volodya, you prepared the order on our business trip?

- Yes, Andrey, take on a desktop.

Half an hour later.

- Volodya, I not only on a table looked for, but also rummaged all boxes. There is nothing anywhere!

- the Billeting! And why to you my boxes?

- As what for? You told - on a desktop! I think if not on it, then inside.

- I meant a computer desktop! And I did not print out the order yet.

Here so sometimes goes understanding, it would seem elementary things. And, notice, everyone was sure that he should not explain about what table it there is a speech.

All and is so clear!

Thinking at all people a miscellaneous. One speak, meaning one, and others listen, perceiving absolutely another. And words they are same!

Therefore often happen approximately such incidents.

- Natasha, I spoke to you about it!

- Mother! I hear the first time! If you tell, I would remember.

Where to look for guilty? And quite often happens that both arguing are right. One really gave another information, and that, another apprehended it in own way, but not as the first wanted, and, really, he does not remember that sense which was put in words and therefore considers that they were not said, and others were said, to business not relating.

Somehow time in the morning I went to work. Expecting an electric train, read the announcement on a column.

I Will buy the apartment in any state

Ya deeply thought of the maintenance of a note. In what state the author when buys the apartment is going to be? Only, when I reached to the stop, reached me that it is about a condition of the apartment but not the one who wrote it.

The husband for work leaves. The wife asks: - You will come, as always, to six? there is no

- expensive, in four.

- Same never was!

- There`s nothing to be done, the new administration. the Wife to four asked for leave with

from work, made a lunch, waits for the husband. Any more six, and it is not here. To four mornings comes.

- What has happened? - Snatches on it the wife.

- Darling I warned you.

Notice the new administration, nobody deceived anybody! Just the specifying questions were not asked.

The person far from Wednesday in which programmers cook would be strange surprised, having seen as they sometimes conduct discussion of questions. For want of habit it seems that they cannot move off dead center, speak about same, only different words. Any trifle is lit from different points of view. Why, is asked to beat the air? Really, it is impossible to tell shortly and clearly?

Is possible, but it is not desirable. Specifics of work demand the maximum accuracy in definition of a problem, and that, maybe, it to turn out the same as with a desktop. It is better if the task is in the written or printed look.

I had such case. The customer called and told that he urgently should change some details in the program which I introduced. At that time I, unfortunately, reached the thorough speed of work, but did not reach understanding that not it is necessary to react to each call immediately.

Why unfortunately you ask. Yes because I very quickly changed what the customer asked and replaced the executed module. My chief did not manage to trace. In general, it had with me a problem. Too I quickly reacted to inquiries of users, including each of them competent. And those even more often contacted me directly. Here, and this time, having obtained information from the customer that calculation became incorrect, the chief clutched at the head, but not at the, and at mine.

- Why result became another? - Trying to be soft and benevolent, he asked.

- As why ? Yury Borisovich himself asked about it, - I admitted.

the Chief understood that to clutch at someone`s head is useless and grabbed the receiver. Minutes he told five, minutes listened to ten.

- Yury Borisovich claims that no request from his party existed

Ya then very much took offense a nazakazchik. But long I had not to stay in a condition of hostility. Yury Borisovich soon safely left, and instead of him there was Alexander (Sasha) with whom I had a magnificent contact. We took of each other the hint. Sometimes these half-words reached also my chief

Several years later I in a different way regarded a case with Yury Borisovich. It was not similar to the careerist. On the person capable to set up the employee, too. Often it was necessary to observe how representatives of service on which problems leaned redirected blow on neighbors. Extreme often were programmers. But Yury Borisovich always tried to resolve an issue together. Most likely we did not understand each other. It enclosed in the words told by phone, absolutely other sense, and I interpreted them in own way. And I did not manage to talk over with it before dismissal - the offense disturbed.

With the chief we well understood also the collected problems and each other. But here that strange. When he explained a task and offered the way of the decision (which is already well thought over and weighed), I in parallel had another, alternative. Both ways were both reasonable, and qualitative, but

never coincided. And here with one employee I had a thinking in one key. It was given me as the assistant for creation of a program complex. I at first did not notice that she created the program not only as I explained, but even as I thought. It was easy for me to understand it, as in own. Its second program was made similarly. Process of rapprochement amplified. I considered that and has to be with all.

But then in submission gave me one more lady. With it I realized that at an explanation of a task of much I do not finish speaking. And what I did not explain it executed by methods which could not dream me even in bad dreams.

One more subordinate who is extremely advanced performed my tasks only in the ways. Style of its writing of programs was too for me unusual. He did everything qualitatively, moderately quickly, but cared for storage of information a little, could lose source texts, and, in general, having handed over work, lost to it any interest. But all computers of bureau and not only ours it filled with the most various installations. Impoverished employees came to ask to make at it room. Sergey, so called the programmer, granted their requests, but not at the expense of the information, and at the expense of owners of computers, archiving them not used files long ago. I did not approve its actions, but made light of everything. Actually, incidents any were not. But once it reached my IBM - 386 and chock-full filled. Having appeared the first at work, I quickly found it and also quickly removed. With satisfaction rubbing hands, I began to wait for Seryozha`s arrival to state it everything that I think of it.

But had not to be stated. It appears, on my computer it placed files which I asked from it long ago. Sergey, at last, satisfied my request

the Thinking at us with it lay not that not in one key, and we lived in the different worlds!

Finally there is a wish to remember a joke.

- the Owner, firewood are necessary?

- are not necessary!

do not prevent to sleep! the owner Wakes up in the morning, and there is no firewood

So think what to answer if suddenly ask: - And the head is not necessary to you?.