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Stars with a trunk of

Ya I do not give up. Two did not understand, the third told Fi, same not esthetically! . But I all the same smile, looking at them, and I wink: stars. With a trunk.

Three days are not present the sky. I look there, there! - in search of the main reference point - when to appoint emergency house cleaning, to go on leave, to fall in love, wash children and obstrich a claw to a bird? When new moon of my next spring? And there - infinity, gray, soft, sound insulation powerful - though be sounded. And when we pass on a dark cloth of Konstantinovsky dvorets Highway, I for a second will feel ill at ease: here - here, still slightly - slightly, and brightly lit palace with a tricolor on the top of the head will begin to be displaced, move, move down slowly to the gulf and will hang somewhere between. Not such easy how Ellie`s furgonchik, it will just get stuck in space and what then to do? Where the gulf where the sky - all the same you will not sort. It is clear only where I and my daughter who is stubborn calling haughty (chutvyshemerny, taking into account a tricolor) the building of the prezidentsiy resident.

I blink, kysh, delusion. Let there is a prezidention. It is just such weather. These are just miracles what often meet here: humidity. And the prezidention remains on the place where we are absent any more. We - here, in the evening bus. The daughter carefully holds in hand my gift - a small disposable pot, generously utykanny bulbs. The adynamic handsome - narcissuses grew up from bulbs: yellow, equal, unostentatious.

- You know what they are similar to?

- Well?

- On stars with trunks.

- Mother, you that? They are such beautiful!

- And I unless argue? Very beautiful. But here look - a star. And it that? A trunk

- What you at me wrong

Ya almost did not take offense. Very much it is pleasant to me that the daughter, my faithful ally and the defender from the outside world, so fine understands me. Also protects. Well, abuses sometimes, it happens. To them, six-year-old, more visible as the world is arranged. It is less wrappers.

- Price category number seven. Plentiful watering. Spraying. Penumbra. Eighteen - twenty degrees.

- As you fine read, the clear head.

- And how to make a penumbra?.

But me not before floriculture. I am keen on a favourite event in the bus. At a stop at railway station people come. Very tired people who arrived from work, all in gray jackets and gray caps, a continuous penumbra. They will pass one - two stops, and nobody will ask them to pay for journey. By default. I very much appreciate it. It is such small inaccuracy - imperceptible good. Only it is a pity that these people in gray jackets stand exactly and up, but the heads are slightly hung. Both persons - tired and sad. Such gray narcissuses. Stars with a trunk