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With what fair wind the first letter to the freed Odessa arrived?

the Unusual letter from the front which got to Odessa right after its release on April 10, 1944 differed from soldier`s triangles, and brought him to one of the escaped houses on Near Mills not the mail carrier. The little girl brought it next day early in the morning. She stretched to the surprised owner a sleeve from a shell and reported that inside there is a note from his son.

From - for occupations of Odessa by Romanians the mail service was interrupted on October 16, 1941, and residents knew nothing about the family. From the very beginning of war the inhabitant of Near Mills Gorelik Illarion Zakharovich had no data on destiny of the son studying in the Kharkiv aviation school and.

His boy dreamed of the pilot`s profession since the childhood, attending classes in an aviamodel circle at school. At a competition of models it received the first award for a victory - a case of drawing instruments and stored her all life. In 1940 Zhenya Gorelik after unsuccessful arrangements of parents to choose other specialty went together with the friend to Kharkiv to come to school.

After the beginning of war he passed without attending lectures of examinations for the second year, having executed the flight program in 17 days, and went to be at war. In August, 1941 when defense of Odessa began, Zhenya already made fighting departures. In seven months it twenty two times from twenty six took off at night. Awarded the order to him for courage of the Red Star and gave the rank of the foreman, but the family knew nothing about it.

In March, 1942 Zhenya Gorelik, being in Astrakhan in a spare regiment, got on a guardroom for refusal to cut the head of hear, but already next day it as the pilot with night experience went to master new planes on Moscow region airfield Chkalovskoye . The young navigator knew nothing about the parents, but heard about atrocities of fascists in occupied territories and very much worried. Sometimes when flying near Odessa it had a desire to dump a news about itself in a sleeve from a shell.

His parents were anxious for destiny of the son too, seeing as human life depreciated during war, waited though for some news, hoping for a miracle. On March 26, 1944 offensive operation of troops 3 - go the Ukrainian front on release of the cities of Nikolaev and Odessa began, and already on April 10 they completely freed the city by the sea. This day the commander of a division called the navigator Gorelik and gave a task to destroy the large-capacity fascist tanker in the Romanian port of Constanta and if remain - to otbombit ammunition fascist airfield near Izmail.

Zhenya asked for permission to fly by on the way back over the hometown from the commander, and the colonel allowed to work after performance of a task according to circumstances . At approach to Constanta pilots saw that weather is adverse - low overcast, but, having talked over with the commander, decided to attack the tanker. From twenty seven bombers only Evgeny Gorelik`s plane broke on the purpose. The navigator performed a fighting task with a jeweler accuracy: the first calling destroyed the oil vessel, by the second - a warehouse of ammunition on railway tracks of the mooring. Explosions were such force that rejected the plane an air wave. Evgeny was called not for nothing jeweler bomber .

To the region of Near Mills in Odessa where on Sovetskaya Street there was Gorelik`s house, flew up when already began to dawn. Having taken a detour over the native dwelling, Zhenya, having tied parashyutik from a red rag to a sleeve with the letter, dumped it directly over a roof of the house. This first letter to the freed Odessa can and would not find the addressee and on krasnyyparashyutik the girl paid attention and lifted the unusual message.

Mother of the girl was frightened, having thought that it is a mine, but the Red Army man passing by calmed them and, having got Evgeny Gorelik`s letter from a sleeve, read it aloud: Dear companion!!! I kindly ask to transfer a note to the address. The family does not know about me since 1940, it will be for them big pleasure . Sovetskaya Street specified in a note was nearby, and the girl, without wasting time, ran to look for the house at number 55. The letter which wonderfully arrived with a fair wind inexpressibly pleased Zhenya`s parents.

Happy parents re-read the front news delivered without mail infinitely again and again rejoicing that their beloved sonny is live and healthy: Hello dear Mamusya and Papusya!!! I dumped this letter from the plane on which Mamusya flew at night on April 11, 1944, I am live, healthy, I am at the front. If only the letter reaches you, then immediately answer me to the address Hi to all family and acquaintances. Remain healthy. I kiss, strong your son Zhenya .

Soon the navigator of distant aircraft Gorelik was given holiday for fifteen days for successful performance of a fighting task, and, having met parents, he learned, anyhow to them his letter after liberation of Odessa. Till last days wars the inhabitant of Odessa bravely battled, destroying the enemy purposes with a unique accuracy: he rescued the Yugoslavian guerrillas, exempted the homeland and the countries of Europe from fascist evil spirits. On June 29, 1945 to Evgeny Illarionovich Gorelik the rank of the Hero of the Soviet Union was given.