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Hip - hop - only music? Bomber jackets in the subway

mass media were flown Recently by the message, as if the American with whom the present economic crisis began is found. Among fans of graffiti , an integral part hip - the hopa, appears, too there is such founding father. Him a certain Black teenager, to the place and out of place scratching the nickname Taki on walls of underground passages and long ago not remontirovanny houses - 183 is considered. To the Nye - York, as we know, the big city, and not to be confused to repetitions, in customs of a party was to attach number of the street to a nickname. Taki lived on 183 - y.

The fashion extended, a tag - the signature on a wall began to call a tag . Usual curves of a scratching, it seems Here there was Vasya gradually turned into the self-expression tool. Each author tried to invent something pozakovyristy, different styles and colors, except letters and figures appeared, began to draw pictures. Very opportunely spray paints, first of all self-made had. And here a brush it was tabooed at once. Noticed in its use waited for a shame and exile from a party.

The tag became not just a tag of the territory, but, as well as a break - dans, helped to express own coolness and uniqueness. On intensity of emotions of competition between teams of graffiti it is quite possible to compare to the baseball championship. About wars between gangs of different areas and styles even movies were shot.

Homebrew artists called themselves by bomber jackets . Over time their attention was drawn not only by real estate, but also individual and public transport. The authorities sounded the alarm, existence of a bomb - a paint barrel in a pocket - became a dangerous crime, one bomber jacket police officers even hammered to death during detention. The city hall allocated millions of dollars for fight, built very tall fences around lines of the subway and bought special cars for cleaning of cars. But, despite temporary progress, the authorities did not get a victory.

Under a press of the authorities the bombing became a peculiar form of revolutionary fight, participation in which was not only dangerous, but also prestigious among young people. Crews bravely bombed directly near by at police, running up extensively at emergence of danger, or chose for graffiti remote, but noticeable places from where it was not possible to clean drawings for weeks and months.

The third form hip - a hopa - a rap - also as graffiti and a break - dans, developed as means of self-expression and self-affirmation. Roots of a rap are deep, ritual squabbles are inherent in many cultures. In this or that look ancient Greeks, the Scandinavian Vikings, bedouins and the African black tribes had them. In Black ghettoes of the seventieth such form of rivalry could not but just revive, as happened.

Hip - hop the seventieth united the American tramps. Despite all internal wars and the conflicts, the culture of general participation and a community was formed suddenly. All danced, bombed, reduced a rap, competed, and business to all was everything.

Hip - hop is living both now, and at all is not going to die. (However, unselfishness times passed long ago, and hopovy forms from a protest gradually turn into the directions of mass culture and means of livelihood.)

At hip - hoppers there is even the language. Tell where to find 411 about 213 ? 411 on a slang hip - the hopa means information and 213 - California tell at it such telephone code. So 411 about 213 it is possible to find in the Internet, or perhaps in library. As it will be pleasant to whom.

Good luck.