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Hip - hop - only music? B-boys in white Adidas of

Hip - hop - only music? It absolutely not so.

Wikipedia reports that hip - hop arose in the stone jungle New - York in the mid-seventies that in principle near truth if to become attached to such name of subculture.

But in 1969 one of di - Jay of Youzhny of Bronx - a black ghetto of the world capital of business - thought up reduction b - boys , having conveniently truncated long break boys, the boys dancing a break. The word got accustomed, and full America fast deciphered reduction as bad boys, or hooligans. How it was still possible to call the black ragamuffin who is turning on a pavement in an environment similar nearly inside out, propping up street walls? Bee - fighting girlfriends christened of flygirls , whether coquettes, whether front sights. Both those, and others with pride accepted new sobriquets allowing to approve reasonably own exclusivity.

Tradition to hang out on street intersections under music of a reggae and a recitative of homebrew poets reached Bronx from Jamaica together with the black guys expecting to find the calling in the huge city. Music, a break and not absolutely correctly rhymed lamentations were for them in the way to declare oneself also own independence.

In several years of b - boys and flygirls were quite issued as the youth movement with the music, clothes, a slang and reckless lifestyle. Their dresses differed from clothes of modern breyker and rappers a little. Wide sports suits, exaggerated vests from Bologna, baseball caps aslant and huge white sneakers. Maiden legs fitted tight leggings.

Over time white Adidas turned from convenient footwear into the real symbol allocating b - boys from crowd is not worse than a cowboy`s hat. The small sports shoe even began to be worn on a breast instead of a cross.

The term b - boys was too narrow for youth whose focus of interest was not limited only to dances. Years through five, in the mid-seventies, there was a new name of this subculture - hip - hop. By then it existed already in three forms well-known today: a break - dans, graffiti and a rap.

The break in itself - dans in the seventieth news was not. In the nineteenth century black slaves dashingly danced something similar on the areas of New Orleans, arranging the real sports meets. In the similar competitions accepted by a party of the seventieth the new styles and names which became star were born.

Followers of one of styles - the robot - even proved the emergence by the fantastic myth according to which in somebody the Golden Age unselfish people freely danced and had fun in the pleasure. But priests and politicians imparted to people passion to wealth and aspiration to dominate, to a vrezultata of what all became boring and fat, and forgot to have fun and dance absolutely. The last merry fellows departed from our planet by the spaceship several thousands years ago, and here their descendants returned on UFOs to revive unselfishness and fun.

In the first half of the seventieth the territory of Bronx and Harlem was divided by hundreds of breykersky crews which between dances drove on rollers and marked the territory by means of graffiti. Crews appeared, disappeared, were reformed and competed, arranging the presents fights flown the whole world on video.

About other forms of hopovy culture - in the following article.