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How to overtake the truck on the narrow route?

Repeatedly thought of a question as it is possible to overtake the heavy truck on narrow Russian roads, in the conditions of poor visibility. Was interested at familiar drivers. Unfortunately, very few people are informed on overtaking conditions in such extreme conditions.

Witnessed very dangerous maneuvers when overtaking came to an oncoming lane directly in front of the going car. And only the miracle helped to avoid the most terrifying accident. The car going for overtaking considerably increases speed, bringing it sometimes to 120 km/h and above, everything depends on the speed of the overtaken vehicle. And collision of the cars going with a speed of 100 km/h... little from them will remain, for everyone it will be equivalent to collision with a wall at a speed of 200 km/h.

We will assume, you should overtake a trailer on the two-way road. What for this purpose it is necessary to make not to subject the life to danger of death? For a start it is necessary to perform the operations preceding overtaking: the distance in front of truck has to be not less than two meters, but also not about half a kilometer (it is a lot of, you will not manage to disperse), to include a low gear (on 3 - y speed is gathered much quicker, than on 4 - y, and on 4 - y - quicker, than on 5 - y. Sometimes happens it is useful to tuck in transfer: to violently expose it), to include an overtaking sign (most often the left blinker, but everything depends on a situation and the country where you go), to move forward on half-meter towards an oncoming lane.

If it is visible the road on rather long distance and there are no oncoming cars (now it is necessary to turn on the light of headlights so it considerably improves matters of drivers), there are no deaf turns and hills, then can safely overtake.

If visibility is complicated, then we draw attention of the driver of a trailer. It can be made, having given a signal headlights, or having just waited a little, rear-view mirrors just and serve for this purpose. The driver of a trailer sees farther, than you (just sits above) therefore the situation on the road is better visible to it. We watch trailer blinkers further (more often happens that the driver will give to you a prearranged signal the blinker if it does not occur, it is better to wait for a long straight line on which to make overtaking):

1. The left blinker lit up. In that case overtaking is forbidden. The reasons can be different, but the main thing one here: having risked to overtake, you will draw upon yourself danger of death.

Why overtaking is forbidden? The left turn means that a trailer it will be reconstructed and in that case overtaking is forbidden traffic regulations.

2. The right blinker started blinking. In that case overtaking is allowed. To you nothing interferes with overtaking, and even in case of complication before a trailer there is a place where it is possible to be stuck urgently.

Why is resolved? The driver signals that he will park or to be reconstructed on a row more to the right also frees to you the road.

3. It without blinking just leaves to the right. Here it is better to overtake, BUT previously it will be convinced of safety of overtaking.

Anyway after maneuver (overtaking), it is necessary to thank the driver. But how to make it, he does not see you and standard gesture of gratitude is not visible? Blink two times an emergency signal. It is your gratitude. The most valuable on the road is a politeness.

Good luck on narrow roads.