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How it is correct to dance a striptease?

the Striptease - art not for everyone, but will be people a little, is absolute to it indifferent. Several cunnings will help the nonprofessional who wished to execute dance with an undressing, not to disappoint the audience and itself. Recommendations are made based on the story of the professional dancer of a striptease working in one of expensive closed Moscow clubs.


1. The main thing - music! It is very important to find suitable music from which at you begins to bubble inside and the feeling of own sexuality and irresistibility amplifies. Remember what melodies usually bring you in a disco or under what song you last time danced erotic dance with the friend or the girlfriend.

2. Thirst - anything, image - all! Choose the role - for example, the girl - the neigbour, the vamp, well or a vainglorious narcissus. Think over a suit for your image.

3. The make-up and hairdress have to coincide with image completely. The more it will turn out similarities to the chosen image, the raskovanny you will feel, undressing.

4. Hundred clothes and all without fasteners! Be practical in the choice of clothes! Behind and especially from jackets with one million small buttons it is necessary to refuse the fitting vodolazochek, remote hooks, lightnings and fasteners. Buttons and flypapers will approach, only watch that they did not do catches on your stockings.

5. Shoes - are vital! Put on only such shoes in which you feel sexy, but at the same time consider that you should not sit in them on a chair, and to dance! It is better not to put on shoes with fasteners as you still should take off stockings.

6. Art demands the victims! It is worth becoming thoughtful how to arrange that place where you will pose before the friend. It is necessary to create a certain bewitching and mysterious atmosphere by means of soft light which - what scenery, smoking sticks, candles. To tempt the friend or the girlfriend does not mean simply to take and undress, the special atmosphere is necessary. So, it is necessary to work as brains.

7. Go to Batkhed, the child! It is more than advances - what you do before you begin to undress, is important part of your representation too. Do not throw off too quickly your dress which you with such work invented. Tease your girlfriend or the friend!

8. Let me see you stripped! Take off from yourself clothes with pleasure. Having exempted any site of your body from clothes, with pride show it. For example, having taken off a glove, you can caress a hand of your friend. Very beautifully the contrasting details, for example one hand which in a glove and already released look. It is necessary only to manage to show this difference.

9. Time, two, left! Time, two, right! More rhythmically, more dynamically! Keep thinking of duration of a song and a rhythm. For example, you decided to take the following position: to lean slightly against a wall and to twist buttocks. If you make it only once, then it will turn out ridiculously and clumsily. In turn, if to twist a bottom in such situation throughout all song, then the public will just die from boredom. Repeat the movement 4 times, and enough!

10. Eyes, eyes, these blue eyes! Remember, the most key moment in a hot striptease is an expression of your physiognomy and your predatory look. If you look your friend or the girlfriend fool in the face, then make a voluptuous look as though you enjoy by itself, well or by itself.

11. The culmination comes nearer. Here you remove the last that else covers your body and standing ovations and an applause!

P. S. Even if something did not leave, the good mood and unforgettable impressions are provided to you for all remained evening.