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How gently to make the woman silent? To kiss

there is an opinion that very much - long ago the person had four hands, four legs and two heads. But the being it was extremely quarrelsome and is haughty. And once Zeus, having been angry, divided him into two parts: man`s and female half. A whole was divided and could reunite only by means of a kiss again! Whether Zeus could think that his punishment will become one of the most gentle pleasures!

A here one more lovely theory. According to it, people believed in ancient times that breath contains soul and all forces of the person. Therefore connection of breath kissing was called a wedding of souls. It is very romantic!

But the most plausible of the existing hypotheses the assumption that need of people for kisses - no other than an echo of infantile memories of saturation from a maternal breast is. We mature, our requirements and desires change, but the feeling of a cosiness, tranquility and security from a touch of our lips to a body of other person remains with us throughout all life. Lips we express our attachment and love.

Doctors do not risk to confirm even the last, rather plausible theory, but here confirm advantage of kisses amicably.

It appears, researches of influence of kisses on health of the person are conducted under patronage of World Health Organization at the UN even since 1981, and the received results impress. The revitalizing action of a kiss, and also its beneficial influence on mentality is proved! the Kiss as it became clear, is also a quite good remedy. Of course, it will not be possible to recover the Sleeping Beauty or the Dead tsarevna, but the element of truth in the fairy tale is.

During a kiss in an organism substance, on the narcotic influence by 200 times exceeding morphine force is produced. Kissing are filled by feeling of pleasure, delight and happiness. Therefore a kiss - quite good stress medicine . And the endorphins and natural antibiotics which are formed at the same time hormone possess the soothing and anesthetizing actions. Thus, the chance to forget about analginum is!

Our saliva contains more quantity of bacteria, about 80% from them are identical at all of us, and other 20% - are individual. From these 20% the impulse is also sent to immune system for formation of antibodies. On - scientific this process is called a cross immunotherapy - become tempered! And still the same saliva which is actively emitted at a kiss perfectly protects teeth from caries thanks to the content in it of phosphorus and calcium.

The passionate kiss causes tension more than 30 muscles, skin at the same time is smoothed, becomes more elastic and is better supplied with blood. Perhaps kisses will also not replace creams and campaigns to the cosmetologist, but the fact that the pleasure still brings also benefit, certainly, pleases! Besides, during a long kiss we lose from 3 to 18 kilocalories. As scientists counted, only 3 kisses a day (everyone for 20 seconds) will allow you to get rid in a year of the whole kilogram of excess weight!

the Kiss causes considerable acceleration of pulse (to 110 - 120 beats per minute in men and to 180 in women). And it leads to blood circulation improvement, pumping of additional liter of blood. Cages at the same time receive additional amount of oxygen, a vitality raises .

And still the kiss promotes delay of atherosclerotic processes, prevents vegeto - vascular dystonia and even stops a hiccups! It is counted that of the man, kissing the wives before work, live for 5 years longer .

But, it appears, not all population of Earth uses such remarkable remedy. Papuans, for example, express the love an obgryzaniye of eyelashes of the partner and search of louses at it. On the island of Bali it is only accepted to touch slightly each other by faces, to Tahiti instead dance and rub noses And at some people of Africa the kiss in general is forbidden : it is considered that at a kiss it is possible to take away soul of the person!

Unfortunate people! Refuse to themselves just dizzy pleasure And an exit - that is simple: to give sensual kisses only dearest and only.

Here such interesting opening about kisses were presented to me by the husband together with the surname.

And finally - popular wisdom: if you were kissed on the left cheek, substitute right! Kiss on health!