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Than the children`s psychologist can help parents?

Can be told that all already got used to psychologists. These experts help to solve personal problems, hold the psychological testing, trainings training effectively to communicate and resolve the conflicts, make psychological portraits and characteristics and many other things. But all this concerns, first of all, adults.

And what children`s psychologists are engaged in? In what situations to parents it can be useful and in what consultation of this expert is simply necessary?

Perhaps to the psychologist?

Why in general parents have a thought to address the children`s psychologist?

Frequent it is the recommendation of the tutor in kindergarten or the school teacher of the child. Dissimilarity of the child on other children is covered behind it usually. Aggressive or timid, sluggish or inattentive - generally, anyway, it is allocated on the general background.

With your child something not so, you bring together him to the psychologist - this phrase was heard, probably, by many parents.

The first reaction of mother to similar statements - protection. With my child everything is all right! . Sometimes protection and the truth quite lawful, happens that specific features of the child - not his problem, but a problem of teachers who cannot find the necessary approach.

But there can be also other situation. It can turn out that the tutor and the truth sees those aspects of life of your kid which you do not notice. For example, open and sociable houses, he can have problems in communication with peers in a garden. Such situations too not a rarity. So seriously treat words of teachers, ask on their vision of a problem.

If there was some alarm for the kid, visit to the psychologist will help to deal with a situation and with an emotional condition of the child objectively. To establish the reasons of the arising difficulties if they are. Eventually, it is not considered something shameful to visit the stomatologist for check and necessary prevention. For some reason about psychologists such opinion sometimes remains that you confirm with visit to this expert the abnormality . It, of course, not so: the psychologist, in general, by definition, works only with mentally healthy people.

Other case of emergence of need to address the children`s psychologist often coincides with so-called age crises in development of the child (a year and a half, three - four, six - seven and the teenage period). What occurs at these moments? Age crisis means that in development of the person there is a sharp jump, something considerably changes. Mother and the father do not manage to get used to these changes, do not consider them in communication, use educational receptions, not effective in new conditions. All this is imposed on the increased emotionality of the child characteristic of transition periods.

Whims, aggression, obstinacy of the child - and feeling of helplessness at parents. Quite natural reaction - to address the expert. And it really can help. The psychologist will help to understand an essence of the arisen difficulties, will prompt educational receptions, and if necessary will work with the child to help it to overcome the difficult period.

What is done by children`s psychologists?

So, these or some other reasons led you to thought of the address to the children`s psychologist. What its work can consist in?


Any psychologist owns quite big set of psychodiagnostic means and techniques. Their purpose - to define an objective condition of the person, to allocate his reasons, and also to estimate a level of development of these or those mental processes (memory, attention, thinking etc.) . If for adults the test techniques known for much are often used, then in an arsenal of the children`s psychologist usually it is special techniques for children. The expert can ask your child to draw something, can play with him fascinating game - actually by means of these procedures will collect necessary data.

The developing occupations

by means of the developing psychological games the expert will help to develop different necessary skills and qualities at the child. Attention, memory, assiduity, logical and figurative thinking - in an arsenal of the children`s psychologist the developing games for the most different age. Most often, the developing psychological classes are given with group of children at once, and in that case the child also learns to communicate with other children, to perceive social norms.

The children`s psychotherapy

in the presence at the child of serious emotional or personal difficulties can be required specially organized psychotherapeutic work. It can be occupations on removal of uneasiness, fears, on increase of a self-assessment, on removal of aggressive tendencies. The children`s psychotherapy can be required if the child endured a severe stress - loss of relatives, physical or mental abuse, etc. of

the Methods applied in children`s psychotherapy are diverse. For example, for absolutely small children so-called sand therapy (specially organized occupations with sand) appears by very effective method. For children is more senior the skazkoterapiya is very effective (occupations with application of special psychotherapeutic fairy tales both ready, and made during interaction of the child with the psychologist). Game, drawing, the fairy tale - all objects and occupations, familiar and interesting to the child, become a powerful tool of the help in the expert`s hands.

Consultation of parents and family consultation

At psychologists is such known axiom Problems of small children are problems of parents . And it actually so. By close examination of the reason of all children`s difficulties are in family problems and the conflicts, inadequacy of style of education etc. Therefore often it turns out so that for a solution of the problem of the child it is enough to understand to parents the reasons and to change something in the behavior, in the situation surrounding the child.

The psychologist on consultation will help you to see himself from outside, to objectively estimate the methods of education. The good psychologist will never judge or reproach you for something. He just will give you in hands new, more effective instruments of education, will tell more about age features of the kid.

Competently held consultation very often removes need of special psychological work with the child. And on the other hand, work of the psychologist with the child without parallel consultation of parents is usually ineffective, after classes the child comes back to a family again.