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Who is guilty of creation of the country of Korruptsioneriya?

Korruptsioneriya`s Country.

I nobody specifically is guilty of its creation - all are guilty. So there was a history. A corruption essence in a prevalence of personal interests over state.

Many at the beginning of reorganization of 1985, actually the most enterprising and socially active, tried business. Rashly, rushed to a business whirlpool, not prepared by neither education, nor experience at all, without having any idea of what waits for them. It is clear, not from good life, it was necessary to survive, feed somehow a family, long-term poverty created immense greed and aspiration to be beaten out at any cost from chronic poverty of the Soviet life. But also the financial policy, and the general political background for the last twenty years in everything disappointed in the country also all fresh, young, perspective ruined.

Lost people with a chipped washing-tub what to do to them? Also they went to public service with incredible experience of enterprise! And that, brothers as it is convenient! Completely under roof the states, with a guarantee of quite decent salary, get up everything that it is necessary for soul and a body, arrange the affairs under a roar competent reporting, irresponsibility and perfect pseudo-loyalty. Why pseudo ? Yes therefore, misters good that never true loyalty was never and anywhere defined by finance and salaries, bonuses and tips! already the Russian President on the air of TV questions

I: what we for system such constructed that all questions, even the smallest, become isolated on the President of the country?

Not we, constructed, but you! - the people, pokhikhikivy in a sleeve answer about itself. You, you built the strong vertical power, so dialectically and received all inherent in a similar control system. Therefore, until you personally specified to move trash cans from an entrance aside, nothing also will be made by anybody. And you have time and forces for such trifles or not, it does not concern us. You the head - order! And while you have no time, and you did not visit our edges, we will be engaged in the affairs here as it is necessary to feed kids who, except us, will take care of them, Pushkin, perhaps?! And similar moods in all, since the bottom, from local governments, levels of a scale of ranks. Peter I to voivodes of the head for bribery cut

, and the principal Alexander Menshikov tried to bring to reason the Sovereign: So you, the Father, will be left without the people! Stole and will steal. Three years at a position and everything, the thief. So it in those age-old times three years were required to think, as well as that. Nowadays everything is in advance prepared, and people come to the power and public service which are already prepared, skilled and straight away tear!

the Similar control system is impossible without retaliatory and supervisory authorities, and all question only in time when the power starts repressions of the nomenclature shots that we already observe on party cleanings. What will be further, we already perfectly know everything, passed quite recently - again? - at the beginning and the middle of the last century.

Everything repeats. Destiny of Russia