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Where you are my darling.

Where you are my darling, pretty not the young man with inspiration sang, at the same time bearing a wine bottle ahead of himself.

Still to go so much, and I without you already cannot any more, with bitterness and with tenderness he peered into a bottle.

Native washing, we by all means now will approach you, the owner of a bottle frankly admitted. But, turning in the next gate, he saw quite suspicious person with strongly blackened face and slightly shivering hands.

You look at this finished alcoholic with genuine anger our elderly lover thought. Will select her now forever. Gentle washing, I will not give You to anybody! And directly on the street it courageously steel teeth opened a bottle.

Precious liquid ran towards to the elect, the man filled himself with one of the few in our severe everyday life, pleasure of life more and more.

Down the street there were passersby with interest and badly hidden hatred glancing at ours lovers . Strong wind as if someone`s evil force rushed on this " broke; couple trying to break such fleeting and bitter particle, human happiness.

Air was filled with the stubs used by cellophane packages of various shades, beautiful and bright obvertka from under candies and other attributes of culture of human society.

But that. and even many other things could not tear off it our hero from the darling. The man drank, without knowing about fallen upon him a stream of garbage and without thinking about strongly negative opinion of passersby at all, and without being afraid even of militia.

Only that very much disturbed, the drinking citizen - it an opportunity is correct not to calculate the forces and to fall prematurely, having left the bottle.

Every minute fight accrued, the body and legs became lead, hands with huge efforts of human will tried to hold a bottle in the necessary direction.

In the head there was sweet fog which prevented to achieve such treasured objectives more and more - to drink up up to the end, to test all pleasure of life.

Suddenly the rain went, it as if added to the man of that last straw of liquid which everything so was not enough for it.

Hands as if other people`s children ceased to obey him. It fell to the road from bitter I think, and how many still remained.

Quietly there was a rain, gradually filling with moisture each particle of a body of the drunk not young man. It lay on a carriageway as if the wounded hero in fight who paid a high price for the feat.

Its bottle, having slightly rolled away lay absolutely alone and sadly. Some time of his hand tried to execute the hvatatelny movement in the direction of a bottle, but unsuccessfully.

Down the street cars which drivers pretty loudly said very not literary expressions in its address went, but carefully going round.

They perfectly understood as everything is changeable in this world. And goodness knows, someone from them can will lie so several days later after the next attempt of a meeting with darling.