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In what ecological danger of the megalopolis?

the Ecology means a complex of the relations of the person with the environment of his habitual dwelling. Many of us live in large (one million and more) the cities. In all honesty, in it there are many conveniences: and the health care is well developed, and there is a choice of schools where there is a wish to define the child, and for darling to heart of shopping of opportunities more in comparison with small settlements is incomparable. By the way, and in the choice the Internet - provider is simpler and simpler and cheaper. And to spend night - any comparisons!

But the large cities have also dark sides. Simply speaking, they are dangerous to the population. The saying that " occurs; where there live people - it is impossible to live . Ecological danger of megalopolises can be divided into several groups.

The first of them - chemical danger . The city is larger - the more richly in its air and water of the washing reservoirs various elements of the table of Mendeleyev are presented. Chemical impurity leads to various defeats of all blood vessels, a brain (toxic encephalopathy) and the expressed immunodeficiency. Therefore you should not be surprised to constant colds, headaches and a depression.

Radiation hazard exists not only in those cities where there is a NPP. It is much more sources of radiation, and they are not found human sense organs. Ionizing radiation strikes those cages of an organism which most quicker share - haematogenic and sexual. Comments, perhaps, are excessive.

The following danger - information . The resident of the megalopolis is more subject to influence pathogenic, anti-human culture which professes negative values ( Live brightly! Die to young people and the other nonsense) or inevitably deprives of ability to think critically and to consume only incessantly. As conductors of this culture serve mass media and in particular - television. In villages in this case it is good - if there is a TV, then only one channel takes and shows very nasty.

In the last decade serious scientists started talking about danger and safety ethnic . The large cities always attract to themselves a large number of migrants from not always safe countries bearing in themselves the beginnings of other cultures. Here also contradictions - from whose kitchen is better and what to children - migrants to adapt in groups of peers, before direct physical aggression and national criminal groups begin.

Viktimologichesky danger proceeds from the concept viktimnost that is set of the signs and conditions increasing probability of the person to fall a victim of a crime. Than the city - the izoshchrenny and " is more; raznomastny its underworld, and banal councils for the " type not always help; Do not open a door unfamiliar .

Well and finally - about sexual (yes, be not surprised!) dangers. For example, last year in Arkhangelsk under the leadership of the rector of one of higher education institutions, the academician P. I. Sidorov the lot of work which showed that regularly about 15% of students are engaged in prostitution was performed, another 30% are quite ready to do it. And promiscuity figures (chaotic sex life with frequent change of partners) were boundless at all. Right there both the venerizm, and sexual crimes, and is a lot of still any troubles.

So to live in the big city though it is pleasant, but it is difficult. Therefore I wish to all readers of safety and fortress of spirit!