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Where to look for answers to simple questions??? (private approach)

She always cries leaving Being set by

about what can kill, the finest in life of each normal person what values everyone found, and so eager, not found to this day recently. Love, happiness, meaning of life - these concepts so many-sided, but each of people can find in them an own side of light.

As well as life, all in this world has the beginning and the end. This cycle of formation, is same for any area of our life, everything begins with origin: new life, new love, new profession, new era or just new line. Development happens is also banal. From initial comprehension of bases, to introduction in true essence of a scrap of life. Natykayas on an infinite number of hurting splinters of human nonsense, misunderstanding, condemnation, we reach full necrosis of sincere structure.

And there is a question: How there could be it? The most expensive, the most claimed that was in my life, was scattered as unsteady sandy fortress! . Whom to blame??? Heartless chief, spiteful neighbor, darling, insincere friend, simple passerby??? And can itself???

Not always it is possible to find the answer to this question, and not always it will be true. Doubts, doubts, doubts, they tear ours consciousnesses, causing incredible pain, driving our reason mad when we do not distinguish pleasure and pain any more, and instead of the warm, gentle, morning sun, in our windows the infernal flame incinerating hope for tomorrow will make the way.

And there is it.... Whether we are capable whether we will be able, without looking back at the past to go, safely, surely, recklessly forward??? Of course, playing game with vital monsters crossing through corpses of failures, tempering the force, it is possible to count upon something. But if you are broken, and is ready to death if only not to suffer everyday torments, to tell yourself that everything will be good, simply unreal.

But always is but!!! What do we see in the face of death?? Own weakness, unwillingness to fight against failures, or perhaps we just so value the grief what we do not wish to release it??? Anyway, the human soul is intended for feelings, and let it is only a grief, but it invigorates and forces to feel, simple truth

. I for some reason often wanted to talk in riddles what my interlocutor himself could think over thought, force people to think not so simply and me it was not always possible to pull out from human reason, what subconsciously they would like to sound, and I is realized sought to listen .


Having asked a question: Why I write all this surrealistic nonsense? . I will answer even without fluctuating: Yes just like that as well as everything in our life the secret purposes, the essence covered with a gloom and here neither what plan, nor what ideas, just like that! The answer is simple I made IT!

Ya killed him I killed with


I killed them with

and they only therefore, abandoned me

in conclusion would like to tell what, of course, in above-mentioned lines, not there is a speech about criminal murder. Also we will just note the fact that all the events reasons with us, first of all, are covered in us we will be so honest not only before everyone, but also before by itself!