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Let`s please the motorist of

the World does not stand still. We observe process of continuous development. Also the Rostov Internet does not lag behind. With growth of needs of the Rostov users of worldwide network, also the services provided by it develop. There was a need to be aware of the latest news - the news websites were created, need for purchase of goods without visits of shops appeared - were created the Internet - shops and bulletin boards. The network very quickly and qualitatively adapts to needs of the users. Lately the problem of a lack of attention for motorists of Don who would wish to sell the iron horse on means of the Internet was even more often sounded.

At numerous requests of motorists of Rostov-on-Don and area, started the new project the Rostov bulletin board of sale of second-hand cars. The project is urged to solve a problem of owners of cars, connected, with lack of a full-fledged possibility of realization of vehicles through worldwide network the Internet. The bulletin boards existing nowadays could not satisfy to all needs of the Rostov motorists as paid to this problem not enough attention, giving preference to other goods and services. The new project put an end to this problem, having laid the foundation to a new era of trade in cars on the Internet!

the Website functions especially for motorists of the Rostov region. Persons interested to buy the car can find for themselves in constantly renewed base, any model, both the Russian producer, and cars of popular foreign brands.

For persons interested to place the announcement of sale of the car is created the convenient user interface. It is possible to submit the announcement of sale absolutely free of charge.

the Project is good also the fact that it gives the chance to motorists before choosing to itself the car, to get acquainted with its technical characteristics and to read comments on him. All this can be made in a heading - the Most popular cars. Here it is possible to learn a lot of interesting about the pleasant car, having got acquainted with its description, and technical characteristics. And motorists to whom is what to tell the to colleagues can leave the comments about cars with which already dealt.

One more convenience to motorists the heading represents Motor shows of Rostov-on-Don. Here on one page the majority of motor shows of the city is presented. The car showrooms shown in this heading are engaged in sale, both new cars, and cars with run. Addresses of salons and their phones are also presented. Also placement of their prices which will be periodically staticized is in the long term planned.

Administration of the website 161. Farvarter, suggests all motor shows of Rostov-on-Don to improve the heading Motor shows of Rostov-on-Don having added its price - sheets of the companies presented on the website. For this purpose it is necessary to send a price of a motor show, and as necessary to staticize it eventually.