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Mirages: what do they want to show us?

were pleasant to trust People in magic and inexplicable at all times. But at the same time, having seen this magic and inexplicable, they wanted to feel it, to listen, smell, try on language, and a lot of things still. And how in this situation to be with mirages?

Often, having for the first time seen a mirage, unprepared people are fine frightened though this phenomenon is rather explainable. Many know nothing about the nature of mirages, about that how various and amazing they can be.

So it mirages? These are the optical atmospheric phenomena which is done visible by the objects which actually are far from the place of supervision display them in the distorted look or create the imaginary image displaced concerning a subject.

Miracles, as a rule, occur when between the viewer and a subject which is displayed by a mirage there is a soil heated by the sun. Heated air at the soil on density differs from surrounding. Light beams, passing through non-uniform layers, either are completely reflected, or refract through air lenses and mirrors .

Thereof we see the remote objects terribly increased, displaced and distorted, and sometimes even turned. For example, it is possible to see the ship which actually did not heave in sight, floating over waves of a reservoir yet or as in air, over the sea arises distorted the city. Such type of a mirage is called top mirage . Exist and lateral mirages which are shown sideways from the heated walls or rocks. Distinguish and lower mirages that is mirages on a horizontal surface. The heated and dry asphalt route over which if to look from far away, it shines as wet acts as a striking example.

Despite complexity of a prediction of the place and time of emergence of mirages, in the world there are places where they are shown more often than where or. Often mirages visit coast of China: for example, the shocking show struck tourists of east coast of China (Panglai) in 2006. There after two-day heavy rains fogs created over water the image of the city with houses, streets and cars.

Quite often mirages appear near Zhiguli Hills, various pictures observed in the sky over Zhiguli. The cities or certain buildings, locks and mountains occasionally appear in the fogs rising at daybreak over Volga.

On mirages the African deserts, Alaska and the Baltic Sea are considered as the champion. Considering that sand very quickly heats up from sunshine, the African desert has the best conditions for emergence of mirages. Strangely enough, snow also promotes emergence of mirages, for example, on Alaska saw the illusive city with skyscrapers and minarets once, that is with the objects which are from Alaska for many thousands of kilometers. The Baltic Sea long since is famous for the ships - ghosts. Whether mirages generated a legend of the Flying Dutchman?

Despite fabulousness and uniqueness, mirages are rather dangerous phenomenon as it is frequent besides affection or a fright, deceive the observers, and not always this deception is harmless subsequently.

Caravans in the desert Erg - Ayr - Ravi in the north of Africa are the victims of mirages especially often. Before people personally at distance of several kilometers there are oases which are actually located more than 700 kilometers from eyewitnesses.

Are not less dangerous the ships - ghosts . About midnight on March 27, 1898 among the Pacific Ocean the crew of the Bremen vessel noticed approximately in two miles the ship which fought against a whole gale. It was more than surprisingly, considering that around there was a calm. The illusive ship crossed a course of the Bremen vessel, and there were moments when it seemed that collision of the ships is inevitable... The Bremen crew saw how during one strong blow of a wave about the unknown vessel in a cabin of the captain light which was seen in two windows all the time went out. After a while the vessel disappeared, carrying away with itself wind and waves. The causes of the accident became known later. It turned out that this a storm among a calm and as result, crash, happened to the vessel which in time visions was at distance of 1700 km from eyewitnesses of that night.

Numerous mirages frighten and strike many, for some they will melt an occasion to argue about the unknown flying objects, otherworldly forces and we designate miracles, but to big chagrin of fans of mysticism, they are quite explainable natural phenomenon.

And how you think, this article in reality exists, or it is only the electronic mirage which arose on monitors of your computers?