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How to pick up the correct printing paper? Something Is frequent to print

if necessary on the printer we, without understanding importance of the choice, we buy at random packing of any printing paper and we use it almost at random for all types of the press. But if quality of printed is not indifferent for you, pay attention what paper is really necessary to you.

Good office paper, irrespective of a type of the press, has to possess the following qualities:

For example, color. For office press choose white paper. Its whiteness is, as a rule, specified on packing and makes about 90 - 98%.

Paper has to be rigid, dense and not damp differently it will get stuck in equipment during the loading or the press. That paper did not absorb moisture from air, it is worth storing it in tight packing.

If you need to print from two parties (though it should be avoided, whenever possible), then paper has to be opaque.

It is worth paying attention to purity of paper as the white paper does not leave paper dust which can lead to breakage of the printing equipment. To find raising dust paper easily, it is enough to wave a short glass of paper over the pure polished table surface, it is the best of all than dark color.

One of desirable qualities of paper which is difficult for beholding to a teapot its resistance to heating. Importance of this characteristic is explained by the fact that some printers fine heat paper and, as a result, paper becomes softer that can lead to serious damage of the printer.

If there was a need to print a poster, a leaflet or a flyer, it is worth paying attention to durability of material of paper and to stop the choice on offset (purely cellulose) paper. This paper is rather hardy and strong, to all other it, unlike usual office paper, well transfers color scale of printed.

For the photo or the quality board, safely choose chalk overlay paper. Thanks to a glossy surface this paper will make the image printed with you beautiful and tempting for those who see it.

In case of need to print a label for goods or the menu, choose synthetic paper. Its main plus - elasticity and resistance to wear that for this type of products has huge value.

It is surprising how for nearly one thousand years of existence paper production paper developed and was improved. It is known that in China in the II-III century paper production developed quickly enough and paper, eventually, forced out wooden plates on which wrote before from the use.

Today paper production is not tired to surprise with the width of the range and new technologies. But if you want to write or print something important for readers, at least, of the next millennium, follow an example of authors of old bible manuscripts. They wrote sacred books on leather of lambs, and after writing carefully processed the embalming substances. It helped manuscripts to live up to now. If these manuscripts reached us, then your message will be surely read by descendants in the third - the fourth millennium. Especially, if you cover the masterpiece with the laminating film.