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How to behave in crisis on service?

the Friend went gloomy recently. Once cheerful, cheerful, mobile, turned into the gloomy subject with the nervous movements. In recent times the radiant, naughty look was filled with fog and became running. And the financial crisis which arose in a jungle of territorially far economies became the reason of that. This crisis covered small firm where the friend worked. I will call it the Outer entrance hall Bespokoyev. Instead of the promised and planned promotion, Semyon received the notice of layoff, so to speak, in a stock . Once, it was already sent to a stock from armed forces. And now again history repeated.

Dismissed him, of course, not at once. On firm rumors crept that reductions of personnel approach. Then did not pay a long-awaited award. Afterwards liquidated branch in Izhevsk. In further Seong began to seem that the director of firm began to look sideways at him somehow.

- The director okoset from crisis? - I when Bespokoyev came to me on a visit took an interest and shared experiences and fears. - From what you took what he began to look at you differently?

- I feel it! In its pupils there was ice. And he in general spoke of my last report incorrectly. Usually praised, and now issued the phrase that supposedly

this bumazhention to be no good !

- And before praised?

- Praised.

- Or perhaps the report your really settling turned out this time? You did such report earlier? - I continued to ask questions.

- Did such for the first time.

- Then anything surprising!

I have a look at his physiognomy and involuntarily asked:

- You also went to work with such killed look?

- And what, I had to with radiant go?

- You know as you look now, I want you accurately to put in a coffin and to drive in nails in a cover! Painfully the dead man you remind!

- And to what to have fun-? There is no work - that any more!

- But you understand that it is not the only work. There were at you times worse!

- But then I was younger and is ready to sweeping changes! And now I do not wish any abrupt bends in the destiny any more!

- Not to avoid them, - I yawn philosophically. I tell it generally that just to tell something.

We drank cognac from glasses, kept silent.

- I here with what do not catch up! Why reduced me, but not Simonov Pashka? It also works less me, and progress at it is much more modest! And its reports in general will not be compared to mine!

- It is that phrasemonger with whom we then in cafe drank beer? - I strain memory.

- It is most. Noisy. Eternally jokes pours and laughs often.

- It is just cheerful! - I got Pashka`s image from a chain of persons.

- But as the expert, he is useless! - the offended tone Senya expressed the opinion.

- But cheerful! - I protected the fellow.

- Cheerfulness will not help to make the competent report! - logically Bespokoyev parried.

- But she helps to hold down a job when firm and everything is in a fever from crises around! - here I raised the voice as this idea came to my mind, and I wanted

to develop it.

- What it in such magic way? - after a pause the friend maliciously asked me.

- Pour! - I make the short order, and the guest fills our glasses.

- For cheerfulness and optimism! - I propose a toast, I drink and I send a thin slice of a lemon afterwards to a throat. Further I try to develop the judgment.

- Look. Here your director shuffles on office. The mood is nasty. Business can be covered at any time copper basin . With experiences the blood pressure jumps, perhaps, a helmet headaches squeeze a skull. At heart cats scrape . And here on the way to gloomy as clouds in the fall, thoughts he sees you. Your look is similar to this lemon that we use as snack. Yellow and sour. From it the level of optimism does not grow, believe me. He sees you such time, two, ten. Affairs absolutely at me in firm Are bad if such competent employees stay in a gloom! - such thought, perhaps, pierces it, the management and inflamed brain. Besides, how many times I saw in what clothes you lately for work stamped! Unpretentious sviterok, jeans, shoes ordinary-looking! You relaxed, Senya!

- But me it is convenient to go so! And the management not against! - my interlocutor asserts the right for comfort.

- Nobody and not against content clothes, - I say and I sip cognac. - But, here, you tell, your competitor - Pashka Simonov in what view of service goes?

- It is every time at parade, Bespokoyev screws up the face. - The ironed suit, a fresh shirt and some next odious galstuchek!

- Why odious? - I am surprised.

- Yes they at it all multi-colored, shouting. And still, when the jacket will remove, so shows all what most fashionable braces at it!

- And tell, these its braces, form, so to speak, set with a tie? One coloring? - I conduct investigation further.

Senya soshchurivat eyes and after a pause swings the head:

- And precisely! At the asshole everything is picked up in tone! But, to what it you?

- And to the fact that this moment adds one more shtrishok to the reason for which the administration preferred the colorful phrasemonger, but not you, Senya! - my person creeps away in a self-satisfied smile.

- Explain what communication? - Bespokoyev wrinkles a forehead.

- Pour, rejected!

I watch the friend. Huge ruchishch. Such he easily can tie a rope. Short hairdress, giant`s head. Constitution powerful. And, despite such external data, the guy since the childhood differed in sensitivity. The taking place events in the life, life of the family, the countries, always perceived close to heart. Not indifferent person.

Once went by kindergarten and heard a female call for help. Late at night. Some freaks caught the little girl. Did not pass by, stood up for the victim, opposed four. Also was with what: dragged with himself a piece of a chain for self-defense. Was useful. Even a fight did not happen. Malefactors as uvidat the epic athlete that rushes on them with is more frightening the clicking chain atilt, so in a trice forgot about criminal thoughts and object of encroachment and turned it the tail that any sprinter would envy. That rescued maiden his wife became then.

- We will drink for competent approach to behavior on service at the time of crisis! - I propose a toast.

- So in what your crazy idea, Mikhaylo? - the deliverer from murderers questions.

- Crazy not crazy, and it is worth trying! - laconically I parry modern Hercules`s attack. We drink, we have a snack on a slice of a lemon and strawberry chocolates.

- And so. Your director wanders cloudy and meets you such all negative and unfortunate. To it and most bezrassvetno at heart. Prikid at you greyish and sad. Also the head`s forehead is saddened: time so valuable employee as Semyon Bespokoyev, is so killed with current situation, business really - tobacco means! Means, the valuable worker

Bespokoyev does not believe in the future of firm!

- You already told something similar! - Senya develops a chocolate wrapper.

Yes? Anything! Povtorenye is mother of the doctrine! And here that catches sight to it Pashka Simonov. He, it seems, jokes, tells jokes, sneers at problems?

- Yes sir. Zadolbal me the of a veselyama and jokes! And ulybochka. Outside the gloom and utter darkness, reductions, falling of a standard of living, dream and hope burst as soap bubbles during a rain, and he everything jokes!

- So I also thought! - I do a mysterious face. - But his behavior irritates you, and only.

- Why? Not me one!

- It is not important any more. I develop thought. And here he notices Simonov. Bright, cheerful. The clothes are not panikhidny, but festive. Tells jokes, winks at girls. Everything is right?

- He cannot wink at girls! At it during a century this as it, the furuncle swelled up! - not without gloating Bespokoyev noticed.

- Nothing means yet! Girls can wink, even having two furuncles on both eyes. This trick. Its approach to problems is important. So, he laughs at difficulties, laughs at crisis, inhales optimism and cheerfulness in other people including in the grieved director. And the head understands that Simonov trusts in the future and in the future of the company! Losers are welcomed in few places. The bad luck in life of the employee can be transferred to bad luck in affairs of firm. So many heads think. Competence fades into the background when it is about the atmosphere in all collective! So, my thought is as follows: if you went exhaling pleasure on service even in these heavy times. In every possible way showed that problems are surmountable. The correct relation to them is to endure them, to wait, grind and laugh. If you bought a graceful suit and strode on office accurate and fresh, dressed as very clean, then and the decision of your director could be another!

This own controversial statement very was pleasant to me also I, happy, tasted cognac.

- You look for work now? - with confidence I tried to find out.

- I look for, of course. You know, to do nothing I do not suffer.

- Then try to behave on interviews cheerfully, optimistically. Dare to joke, with irony speak of difficulties, as in your destiny, and destinies of the country. Put on elegantly, with taste, classically. Buy set from braces and a tie, and monophonic. Undo a jacket that sobesedovatel - your potential employers could see it. Become moderately bright and memorable. Become we zhizneutverzhdayushchitsya! Let you should havat unsalted rice with margarine, but put on it is luxurious! Let you be all in debt as in silks, but your cuff links on a lapel of a jacket have to shine novelty and distinguished gloss. Let...

- It is enough! - the friend interrupted me. - I understood your thought. I do not know whether I will take your advice. But this approach seems to me inventive and attractive!

- I hope that if you try this method and it will turn out a complete fiasco, then you will not begin to chase the author of such recommendations, that is me, with the clicking chain, how for those freaks from the kindergarten territory? Or to smother me the Herculean hands? - I growled questions and hiccupped.

- Do not worry, buddy! If I also strangle you, then I will make it quickly and without serious consequences! - Senya calmed me.

- Pour! - just I offered. - But with a smile! Begin to train already now! - I advised.

- No problem! - Bespokoyev stretched mouth corners and before me other person, joyful and naughty appeared.

- And hold this look more often! Fix it longer! But not at night, and that shank will think that you dream of other women! - I warned Semyon.

- If will leave what acceptable from your controversial recommendations, from me - glade ! - temporarily jobless healthy fellow promised.

- Agreed!

A week later my phone rang out. Bespokoyev demanded to congratulate him straight off. I could not make it. I eloquently satisfied its request, and then asked:

- And what that it is possible to congratulate you on-?

- I followed your technique at interview. It was cheerful and optimistical. Put on beautifully, with taste. Dared to joke and even laughed at difficulties. In colourful light presented the qualification and experience, but not in the dry language of digits. And this morning I was told that I am employed! Here such good news, Mikhaylo!

I once again congratulated the friend and took an interest:

- Found the place standing?

- Yes, it is not worse previous! - joyfully reported again joined ranks of employees. After a short pause added:

- Glade as I also promised, will be covered!

- And that! - I confirmed.

We said goodbye. I do not know whether my council helped Bespokoyev or the employer estimated Semyon`s qualification properly, but I nevertheless hope that in this success of my friend is let and small, but all - my modest contribution. I want to trust in it! In any case, glade Senya covered cool! Blossoming, wide. What and to you I wish.