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How to drown own submarine

This story - at all not about the heroic Soviet submariner Alexander Marinesku who drowned in waters of Baltic after a stormy night with the hot Finnish girl one of the biggest German liners.

The personal enemy the Fuhrer, in private conversation about gross - the admiral Reder, long before Marinesku, called the captain of the first rank voyenno - naval forces of Germany, the commander of the submarine U - * 49 Willie Lorentz. Reykhskantsler accompanied conversation with the admiral with blows of a fist to a table, foam from a mouth and sharp German expressions.

So hot reaction of the Fuhrer was preceded by events of fall of 1939. World War II was with might and main developed. Submarines of Reder, getting off in packs of wolves heated the British ships in Atlantic and the North Sea. The operation " was developed; Sea lion on disembarkation of the German troops to the English earth. The whole world prepared for great fight.

I only the Soviet Union, having signed the non-aggression pact with Germany, pretended that he is interested in exclusively trade operations.

Within intergovernmental agreements in September, 1939 Leningrad to the German city of Hamburg left the steamship " loaded 5000 tons of the Kryvyi Rih steel; Old Bolshevik . Onboard the steamship was voyenno - the sea attache of Germany captain of the first rank Otto von Altenstadt. The attache, except the instruction from above to accompany strategically valuable freight of which the German industry intended to make several tank divisions had also personal purposes. In Hamburg the background of Altenstadt was waited by the bride - beautiful Gretchen Marvits. To tell the truth, the bride was not so fine, but it has no relation therefore Gretchen remains beyond the scope of the narration to a subject of this story.

So, having passed the Sund Strait and having passed a beam of a beacon of Femarnbelt, Old Bolshevik put out to the North Sea. To the port of destination there was absolutely nothing when the background Altenstadt heard a siren, the deafening sounds of a rynda and shouts Polundra . Having lifted the tseysovsky field-glass hanging on a breast to eyes, the attache saw the breakers of sea water rushing to the steamship and understood that the bride will hardly wait for it soon. A torpedo, having pierced in the left board around an engine room, left To the Old Bolshevik three hours of life which, however, were enough for giving of a signal of SOS and landing of team in boats.

Otto von Altenstadt it is cozy, the benefit weather allowed, settled down in the saving commander whaleboat and expected when from - under waters there is the English submarine. Who else could attack the ally of Germany in the North Sea!

When the submarine, having blown ballasts, emerged, the attache with amazement saw a swastika on the cabin. But it was only the beginning of that chain of events in which final the Fuhrer gave vent to the bile on gross - the admiral.

On a submarine brushed thoroughly the hatch, and on the deck there was a naval officer with the field-glass on a neck and a loud-hailer in hands in which he on motley German - the English mix cried out:

- Akhtung, akhtung, - you welcome voyenno - naval forces of Germany. To the captain of the vessel I order to be to me with all documents on freight and the logbook. The rest to keep calm. At me by the place ship for you is not present, wait for the help. I will not heat the boat - the German command with unarmed is not at war.

Otto von Altenstadt in the field-glass made out the commander of the German submarine. The world of the high command of the German Naval Forces is close! The attache learned in the commander of the fellow student on voyenno at once - to sea school of Willie Lorentz. Willie in youth differed in amazing abilities to get into the most unpleasant situations. But to drown the vessel of the ally going with all identification marks and in the conditions of absolute visibility! Also explained the arisen situation to Lorenz von Altenstadt, having arrived aboard a submarine instead of the captain of the vessel.

- You, Willie, a full donkey. To send to several potential tank divisions of Wehrmacht. On Stalin`s place I would give to you the rank of the Hero of the Soviet Union!

- I have an order - to heat everything that moves in the square entrusted to me, - the captain of the first rank Willie Lorentz unperturbably answered. - You, Otto, itself are guilty, time contacted Bolsheviks. I already reported on our another victory upward and got full approval of command. - Lorentz, however, held back that he reported only on the tonnage of the sunk vessel. - You, Otto, understand nothing in tactics of sea battle. Life on the land spoiled you. You want, I will show you how the real old salts are at war?

The reason for display appeared next day. Acoustics of a submarine caught a signal of screws of the passing ship. Having lifted a periscope, Lorentz defined that on it the English bulk carrier 42 of the " project goes straight; Calcutta to the tonnage of 8 500 tons. Remembering yesterday`s events, the commander did not decide on torpedo attack and gave a signal on emersion.

the Captain of the English vessel, having seen a submarine, ordered: " car Stop; and the bulk carrier silently downloaded near the submarine, obediently expecting the solution of the fate. The decision appeared quickly. Lorentz, wishing to rehabilitate itself in the opinion of the former classmate, decided to make indicative execution of the English vessel of the nasal tool. He ordered to command of the bulk carrier to get into boats, and, two times had not to be repeated. In ten minutes several whaleboats at a full speed got away away from the vessel. The German seamen who were pouring out on the deck of a submarine died of laughing, looking at this picture.

- Studebekkera it is lucky to France for the forwarding case, - to a descent Lorentz defined character of freight. Otto von Altenstadt`s

grinned. Several huge trucks were attached directly on the deck of the bulk carrier. - Watch

, Otto. I will save a huge number a reykhsmarok of Germany. I will not spend a torpedo, and I will drown the vessel only one shot from the nasal tool. You, of course, will tell that it is impossible! But Willie Lorentz knows where it is necessary to aim.

I is valid, the captain of the first rank Lorentz did not tell lies. The first shot led to surprising consequences. It appears, in hold of the bulk carrier there were not trucks, but an ammunition which safely and detonated right after a shot. The last that was seen by Otto von Altenstadt - the huge studebekker flying directly on the submarine.

The submarine went to a bottom within three minutes. The survived seamen were picked up in boats by crew of the English bulk carrier. Von Altenstadt got to the commander whaleboat. Having recovered, he saw living and safe Willie Lorentz. That, sitting on bank, drank gin from a bottle, and, embracing the healthy Black in a stripped vest and shorts, in broken English asked it:

- You sometime saw how the real old salts are at war?

Otto von Altenstadt closed eyes. He perfectly understood that he should spend the next several years in one camp with the former commander of U - * 49 Willie Lorentsom.