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How there live settled Roma? Several facts from their life. Part 3

How many people, are so much also opinions - simple and truthful truth. It is fair and in respect of the attitude of the Russian people towards Roma, everyone who ever communicated with them, has into their account the opinion therefore to have about Roma the personal opinion it is necessary to meet and communicate to them. With that who have no opportunity personally to communicate to Roma, I share the impressions and I tell that all - in their life is other than life of the Russian people.

Fact 17

Gain of the Gipsy children very big. One of the reasons in what people of this nationality very much love children. Having visited the village where there live Roma, and having communicated to the worker of a rural first-aid post, and they rather often should communicate with Roma - parents, I found out that they very tremblingly and gently look after the children.

The fact 18

But here, as well as in any rule, is exceptions - there live in the village also unfair parents. Behind them workers of a first-aid post constantly should go home and to remind them that time to put to the child this or that inoculation came. There are also those for whom to go is useless because they live in the village only from time to time. Two Gipsy children still even have no birth certificate! And to one of them 3 years were already executed.

The fact 19

Are registered on pregnancy of the Gipsy on later terms, than it is required, from - for it they have more opportunities to give birth to the child with pathologies.

the Age of most of mothers does not reach the fact 20 and 20tiletnego. From stories of residents of the village it is possible to draw a conclusion that almost all Gipsies marry years in 16 - 17, and in 18 already give birth to children. Despite the youth, the majority of them become good, careful mothers.

The fact 21

Rural Roma admit that, living among Russians, they practically lost all the national traditions. But all - some of them remained. For example, a white dress and a veil it is worthy only not touched girl. Otherwise all this will not be! Spouses can quietly live as the husband and the wife and to give birth to joint children, but without marriage registration.

The fact 22

As for the children born in marriage without registration, they receive a surname of the mother.

The fact 23

Having thanked owners - Roma for hospitality the thanks I heard in reply unusual and cutting hearing there is nothing! . It drew my attention not with the roughness and inurbanity, and lovely and tender sounding. Earlier I had not to face such dialect, and I drew a conclusion that it is peculiar to Gipsy nationality.

Fact 24

the Last, but the most interesting!

Having visited on a visit at Roma, I said goodbye to them and left

Having departed 10 meters from the hospitable house, I heard shouts behind myself, they were obviously addressed to me. As it appeared, on a visit at Roma, rummaging in the bottomless ladies` handbag in search of a notebook, I incidentally laid out the purse and forgot to put it back (yes, here such here loss!). I will never forget how the young Gipsy Liouba tried to catch up with me to return me my loss. Having accepted a purse with gratitude and some share of confusion whether I even refused the offer to look at everything on the place.

Here such here involuntary experiment. He proved that not all Roma thieves and swindlers. As they say, it is impossible to level all all alike. Having got on the bus going to the city I all - counted money in a purse. As a result all on the place, all to the last kopek!