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What is Pole dance?

of Pole dance are one of the directions of modern dance. It is called still dance on a pole or dance with a pole . In Russia this direction appeared rather recently, but already grew into an epidemic. Pole dance teach in any decent fitness now - the center. And there is no wonder. Pole dance - it is awfully interesting, it develops plasticity, improves an extension and coordination, gives huge load of muscles, gives rise to passion and incredibly raises a self-assessment. Being engaged in a pole, you even should not go to the tiresome gym. Instead it is better with pleasure, under music, to check what your body is capable of.

In classical understanding of pole dance is a part of a striptease. The striptease, in turn, is all the known dance consisting of erotic movements by hips, waves of a flowing hair etc. However, having removed from a strip - to fitness - clubs, the striptease began to be called a strip - plasticity, and the elements which are carried out on a pole gained own development, and the new direction in fitness - pole dance appeared. It is not necessary to confuse pole dance to a usual striptease or a strip - plasticity. Because it is the sport demanding considerable physical activities. You can imagine the gymnast on a crossbeam? Here with a pole approximately also, only in vertical position.

Of course, there are different levels of professionalism dancers . If there is no aspiration to achieve some serious results, then it is quite possible to manage a strip - plasticity + simple elements with a pole. Simple elements are the main, elementary twists (a twist call the element which is carried out on a pole). For example - you hold hands a pole and cling to it a leg under a knee. To be necessary to tell that poles exist turning and static. Are usually used turning, however at good schools and fitness - the centers is both.

Elementary twists are necessary to get used to a pole, to seize it, to learn to keep the weight hands. On it at you 2 - 4 occupations, depending on your physical training will leave. Further work begins more difficult. You should study twists above a pole (and it will be for this purpose necessary to learn to climb up it), twists with twine and even twists it is similar to acrobatic exercises. The skilled dancer, for example, can hold the body one hands parallel to a pole, being headfirst moreover and having represented a beautiful twine in air.

If you had a desire to be influenced by this occupation, then I will try to make to you some recommendations .

In - the first - it will be difficult. You do not even represent as far as. On the first occupation at you absolutely precisely nothing sensible will leave so do not even think to be upset. It begins to turn out usually only once from the third.

In - the second - you will be told to take on occupations of a shoe high-heeled. But you do not hurry to get on the workers " court shoes; or old sandals, which it is not a pity . Actually the footwear on occupations is not obligatory at all. And you will strongly be tired of usual shoes. The feeling when you ran all day on heels is familiar to you? And if they are lower than an average...

Only the professional footwear, so-called strips - shoes or boots on a platform and huge heels will be suitable for such dance. Height of a platform happens 1,5 cm, 4,5 - 5 cm, 6,5 cm, 8,5 - 9,5 cm, and also absolutely extreme, frikovy the footwear used only by dancers in a strip - clubs. Such shoes do not give strong load of an ankle, so, legs in them are tired much less, than in usual. Also you should not be frightened a very tall heel when you try on them, you will understand that they are very convenient. It is possible to get them in specialized shops if those are available in your city, or in the Internet - clothing store and show footwear. Such shops carry out trade by means of post transfer and cash on delivery. There will be a posylochka about 2 - x weeks. The cost of such footwear in the Internet - shops - from 2500 - 3000 thousand.

The professional footwear on a platform is convenient also that, when performing twists it is necessary to you as it is possible to make a start stronger from a floor, and they fine increase force of a push and, therefore, improve quality of performance of a twist. In principle, I would advise them to get. Well, at least to feel how it - really. Barefoot persons with a platform 1,5 - 4,5 cm will be suitable for occupations. If to you not essentially, then be engaged just barefoot. It is much more conveniently than amateurish options.

In - the third - on occupations at you legs and hands to shoulders have to be absolutely precisely naked. The best option is cut-offs and a topic. The matter is that performance of twists requires friction between a metal pole and skin. Fabric will just slide, and at you nothing will leave. Now some firms let out special clothes for occupations of pole dance from nonskid fabrics. If, besides, you essentially - can look for it on the Internet.

In - the fourth , very important point - injuries. A trauma number one from which nothing ever will rescue you - BRUISES. The first a two-three of weeks your legs will be simply covered with black huge bruises. However over time skin gets used, and bruises pass. Special creams will help to accelerate process of their healing.

Further - dislocations and stretchings. Needless to say that in pole dance the extension is important. Warm-up and exercises on an extension it has to be carried out at the beginning of each occupation. If you not the gymnast and a twine for you are something from the category of a fantasy, be not zealous. Otherwise you can easily pull a nerve, pull or even to tear a muscle and to lose working capacity for long time. Besides, you can beat out a joint or dislocate an arm. The last trauma, by the way, is very widespread. Here same - be not zealous council if you feel sorry for yourself. I here was not really sorry therefore I endured, perhaps, all from the above-mentioned. I already also do not mention that on a high heel it is possible to sprain easily a leg.

One more nuance - callosities on palms. They can be very inspiring. Many suffer, and the trainer, as a rule, are always engaged with barehanded. However I advise to buy usual leather automobile gloves. They will secure your handles against callosities, will keep to you forces and in general - to be engaged in them much more simply and more conveniently.

Couple more of cunnings - before training cannot smear a body with creams or oils, and in time not to open a window or not to turn on the conditioner as the cold pole becomes very slippery.

Here, in general, and all. It is necessary to add a couple of words about what trainers are. And pole dance coaches are the former professional dancers or athletes who were fond of a pole, dancers a strip - clubs, earning additionally at schools, those who once began as the pupil and were involved over time. It is the best of all to study, of course, at professionals. Because they can teach you even to the most difficult twists, competently do warm-up and give the necessary loading.

Choosing the place for trainings, be guided not by prestigiousness of the hall, but professionalism of the trainer. Though this recommendation more likely for those who already took any dancing classes or the appropriate sport earlier, for those who need serious loadings. For ladies, less experienced in this question, with the choice of the trainer everything is much simpler. You can go to any dancer who will help to seize to you pole dance bases.

Gathering for training, do not forget to take with yourself a water bottle, leather gloves, the warming cream from stretchings and bruises, cream for fatigue of legs, a hairpin on hair and good mood.