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What succeeded feminism? The word about gembelny the policy of

I should have thought up: gender policy ! It if only to frighten our men. To us from this gender gembel one.

A problem this has actually very deep roots. Began to study balance man`s and a feminine. In the state - a nightmare! - matriarchy continuous: the country - Russia, the State Duma, the Constitution - and that a feminine gender. The machismo as opposed to it is shy: The president, Parliament yes in help - the Coat of arms, the Anthem, the Flag. And the feminine to it is malicious: mi - whether - a tion. Man`s in reply: court! And female it is malicious again: about - ku - ra - that is hurrah. And then, it is indulgent: and at war - not a woman`s face.

Moreover, the last showed census: it is more women in the country! Well and that that on the leading posts mainly men? But in a personnel reserve most of women. In a crowd scheme!

But I want to calm our men: our man will never die out! In total for that simple reason that our women have such mentality: as in any other country to care for this man and to cherish. Directly on hands to carry. To and fro, to and fro. And as not to each woman in power to carry away the man on hands, us and there has to be twice more: cheerfully together took and incurred.

And how a family, you will tell? And here so: wore - give another. Each woman wants to take this happiness.

The fact that men should be protected - all know long ago. Psychologists claim that men live less because they have a weak mentality, they badly adapt to sharp changes in society. And our woman always and without psychologists knew it. Intuitively. Here also protects.

You hear what in villages in the winter the roar costs? You will tell - it is everyone the happiness forges?

As if not so! These are women firewood cuts, protects men from sharp change of seasons.

And those will adapt so far - the spring came. Again changes! Women - in the field, men - in a pothouse. At all it is not alcoholism, it is a discharge of emotions. So what if came and the shiner under an eye to the wife left? And let. The wife - nature strong, will worry. And the husband should ego-trip that to feel the man. What this violence? It, directly - psychological rehabilitation. And the violence in a family is when the wife infinite here beat yes there repair in the person the inferiority complex develops.

And by and large, gender policy (you feel - again a feminine!) much more cunning than some there feminism. This absolute sexual equality is not necessary to us! We specify: balance in society. These are the leading posts, big salaries and at the same time - the woman , a being sublime, demanding to himself the gentlemen`s relation. Mother - bereginya the family center and at the same time with the higher education and all social guarantees.

We still live in the man`s world in spite of the fact that it is more of us. Therefore let`s respect and protect each other mutually. You give way to us, and we will support you. From here - love (feminine gender) and that its component (masculine gender), you look, and will merge in one general happiness (a neutral gender that it was not offensive for anybody).