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Whether there can be a free newspaper interesting?

would Seem, what is simpler? The small starting capital or mass of efficient acquaintances in the sphere of business, ready to share part of the income (in the form of advertizing, certainly) and it`s in the bag! An, no, disgraceful history of my district city shows: not each free newspaper with a decent circulation is ready to resist in the period of an economic crisis. And sometimes for this purpose and crises are not necessary. Many similar editions die later several, apparently, successful years of life.

Why does that happen when the main pillar of economic stability of the edition - the advertiser - available? The reason, in general, one - in absence of the consumer of this advertizing. The reader is not interested in a continuous set of advertizing modules on four - eight strips. Such newspaper, as a rule, from a mailbox flies straight to a garbage can. And it is good if the reader in anger does not tear her to pieces and, obscenely swearing, does not throw out these shreds in a window (ecology all!) .

However, people who do newspapers not idiots and on the pages together with advertizing place a TV schedule. It for economical old women who in view of modest finance and not ideal sight of newspapers do not read. And here program to them very opportunely. In case the series about Marianna this week will begin for five minutes before usual. But even grandmothers of our district city ignore that free newspaper which appears in our mailbox. Why?

1. Will come - will not come?

the Free newspaper needs to extend

somehow . The political edition is usually distributed on streets (there the TV program does not publish). But we talk about a commercial product. And the fact that from - for a rain of 50% of circulation and remained not distributed is not interesting to our advertisers. Therefore post boxes at distribution of the newspaper are extremely necessary.

Ideal option - to agree with mail that mail carriers of times a week carried the newspaper. Not free of charge, of course. If there is no consent with communication, it is necessary to create own an express network , and couriers on contractual terms of payment will carry the newspaper. It in - the first. And to limit distribution geography for the reason that not so - that it is simple to find couriers. It in - the second. The principle of casual selection of apartments (as with brochures) will not go. Even the free newspaper has to have the regular reader. If the newspaper extends by the principle today to this house, tomorrow in next it will not enjoy popularity. Because there is no guarantee that the newspaper will come to my house.

It would be quite good to take for maintenance of image of the newspaper with it on the streets from time to time and just to distribute, at the same time specifying where this newspaper can always be found (shops, post offices, etc.) . For the purpose of acquaintance. However, to hook, it is necessary worthy stuffing . But about it is in the following items.

2. Where you, my Marianna?

Thumbing through some free newspapers, I sometimes think: with what purpose they SO printed TV - the program? Approximately the sixth size of a font and 12 instead of six columns. And any system at imposition. At such relation of edition it would be worth leaving together with the newspaper in a mailbox a magnifying glass. Let not the majority, but enough people, are interested in newspapers only in the context of the television menu. And it is just potential audience for the free edition. Therefore a TV schedule has to be ideal . And announcements - announcements with pictures and at a readable font.

3. Honor - in!

Presence at least of one journalist with an easy feather in staff will not prevent

at all. First of all for registration the Internet - digests which will refresh newspaper pages. But it will be even better if the journalist writes author`s texts. But here the concept is important. It can be consumer articles how it is correct to choose fish, a dress or tea. Any news materials are allowed . But at all not analytics with policy. Your newspaper is calculated on mass character, and in what state there is a metallurgical giant lying on one side now, only those who work there are interested. And that, perhaps, in hope to be dismissed because the dole is much higher than a salary.

Unfortunately, from all free editions seen by me only one as much as possible was brought closer to an ideal - Minsk Wa - bank which I found when lived in some districts of the Belarusian capital. The others Generally, what I to you already described.

You are still full of enthusiasm and means to issue the free newspaper? Then work together with the advertizing agent to employ the good designer, the journalist and the specialist in distribution . From it your edition will only become richer.