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How to study in postgraduate study?

it is necessary to Study in postgraduate study well!

Postgraduate study - from armor. aspiro - I aspire I try to come nearer . The graduate student aspires to science and tries to approach a rank of the candidate of any sciences.

The postgraduate study begins with the head. It is considered high level if the head is the doctor of science moreover in a professorial position. After the choice of the head and, of course, his consent to direct it is necessary to define a subject of future scientific research because the obligatory requirement of the master`s thesis is the element of scientific novelty. It means that for 3 years it is necessary to develop something new, not thought up by mankind yet. So before the young scientist the world full of riddles which should be solved opens.

Now in many higher education institutions an indispensable condition of receipt in postgraduate study - is existence of the master diploma. It means that after receiving degree of the bachelor, it is necessary to finish a magistracy, and these are 2 more years of study. Total 6 years of training in higher education institution in the chosen specialty and for writing of the master`s thesis turn out 3 years. Agree, much, however it is an optimum way to the world of serious science.

After registration of the application for receipt in postgraduate study, it is necessary to pass entrance examinations. For technical specialties - it is examination in the specialty, examination in a foreign language and examination in history and philosophy of science. The last two examinations are taken even when training in a magistracy, and then are set off as introductory in postgraduate study. After delivery of entrance examinations the lowest passing score becomes known and lists arrived on free training are formed (it is about state universities). Other applicants can not despair, they are given an opportunity free of charge to attend classes and in a year to try to arrive once again.

In the first year classes of times a week are given in a foreign language and in history and philosophy of science. At the end of the first year of training candidate examinations in these objects are taken, and the graduate student can devote 2 next years to scientific researches on the chosen subject. It is better to begin these researches with the review of literature on the necessary subject. On excavation of scientific treatises and monographs a lot of time usually leaves.

After that it is necessary to start rather your scientific development, be it a new method of psychoanalysis or known only to you approach to research of history of the small people, or, perhaps, the device which will bring benefit to all mankind! In this plan free rain for inquisitive minds is given. At the same time do not forget to consult on the head who will correct in case of a deviation from the planned course of researches.

When the main questions of the thesis are investigated, is written brick also posters are prepared, mountains of related documents are issued, it is possible to come for preliminary protection. Preliminary protection usually takes place at native department where teachers of this department gather, teachers of other departments and surely specialists of the interested organizations are sometimes invited. There is the following point of view: if the applicant on a scientific candidate`s degree was successfully reported on preliminary protection, then and on the main protection in the Academic Council everything will be good.

About 20 doctors of science who attentively hear the report of the applicant are invited to the Academic Council, ask questions, criticize and comment on the presented scientific work. After ballot the verdict about whether possibly to the applicant to give the desirable rank of the candidate of science is rendered. At successful protection the diploma of the candidate of science is issued after numerous coordination somewhere in half a year.

Successful scientific researches to all graduate students of Russia!