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As well as where dance a tango in St. Petersburg?

Never the tango was new or old . It bears the spiritual beginning, therefore, it - eternally. Thanks to a tango we have full freedom to interpret the understanding of life, to state the desires and hopes. (Dino Salucci)

Many think that with arrival of winter in St. Petersburg life completely fades. That there can be nothing interesting and entertaining in the winter. Yes, on the street winter, cold and snowy. And there is in the evening no desire to leave the house, there is a wish to remain in native walls and to drink a cup of hot chocolate. Many also remain. Stay at home, watch TV or do other things about which to speak - means to spoil all impressions.

But there are also other people. They, having thrown with warm fur coats and sheepskin coats over light suits, during this winter bad weather leave houses, get on the subway and, reaching to Nevsky Avenue, go towards Moika. There they are waited by light of windows of Variety theater and existence model, unusual for others, - of a tango .

While the professional dancers acting in clubs and theaters show the most difficult movements of a tango on pleasure to tourists from around the world, ordinary residents of St. Petersburg gather in clubs of a tango - of milongas . Here the modern form of dance - " is popular; soft tango or a tango on boards without difficult pirouettes when legs of partners do not come off a floor too highly. According to professionals, soft tango not so attractively, it too reminds the cold and held-down ball tango familiar to Europeans. Visitors of milongas with anger reject these statements. Anyway, to dance soft tango it is not necessary to be the athlete.

Sensuality and passion disappear in a shadow of a hip of the dancer of a tango. We speak about a tango, and we think of sex and love. In the frank movements - humility and force, disobedience and persistence. The man conducts. It is the law of dance. If the woman decides to show an initiative, dance will die.

Time. Two.

of Times. Two. Rub.

Milonga. Again, as always, today, as last time.

The old empty hall of Petersburg variety theater, still yesterday in which the echo of steps of employees of theater, and the maestro Osvaldo already today filled with melodies was deafly given. The dipped light of the only chandelier. A number of mirrors at a wall.

Milonga. Again last time, today, as always.

Began in 15 minutes, and on a parquet already dance several couples.

Began. Under the ceiling the loop of music of a tango and a high pitched voice tangeros rises.

This milonga was given the name creative that is unusual . Both jeans, and bright clothes and other beautiful pleasures are resolved.

At first all simply dance on a parquet under tango rhythms. Some smile, others are strained, the third are absolutely quiet. Eyes of many dancers are covered - the best way to feel the partner. All of them held down by one chain and connected by one purpose.

X. - L. Borges wrote: Most of all I like music. Milonga is pleasant to me more, than the tango, and a tango - milonga is more, than a tango - the song which seems to me a something ephemeral .

Grudges that it is not here. Here where

a parquet Rustle under dancing shoes, clatter of heels on a polished floor. Between dancers as if the spark ran, they do not remember themselves at all. Memory will return to them only when they sit down again on the places for now they dance. Under a heart beat. Under whisper of steps. Under a voice tangero.

Ava, Borges shining live and dead clap to you. To us in hands your words: The Tango did with us everything that wanted, - both urged on, and excited, and led, and again gave each other...