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Than to glue the broken heart? (councils for girls)

Love, one of the finest feelings on light. It forces us to be kinder, more beautiful, to aspire only to the best, to hope only for the best. But the love always walks a leg in step with pain and disappointment therefore the existing concept the broken heart, alas, appeared in connection with proximity, these various on emotional coloring, feelings

I here it is broken! You do not want to aspire to anything any more and anything to hope for, all it seems gloomy and oppressing. Also it seems that this day the last in your life because you will not be able to endure similar tortures, and seems that with the world it is not capable to help you any more. But it is worth reflecting whether so everything is hopeless? And maybe, just it is worth looking for that trifle that will help you to stick together your broken heart we Will carry out by

gradation of the " levels; damages and portions of pleasure for their elimination.

Heart is broken into two parts.

you Should not long, it was only easy love. I will advise to go, alone, in near the lying cafe and to be treated with a couple of portions of a favourite dessert. It is especially strong and reliable to fix two halves such sweets as the most delicate tiramisu, the cherry strudel strewed with grated chocolate and icing sugar will help, banana or apple tempura will allow to feel to you freshness and juiciness of feelings. And here completely naslazhdenny strange entertainments, it is possible to look round safely on the parties, and as action fixing " glue; on presence of nice candidates to strike up new acquaintance.

Heart is broken into three parts?

It does not matter! You should not panic and to begin to get with madness the offender angry or plaintive messages or calls. Yes, it was the serious hint on serious feeling. But everything that everything does not become to the best.

In this case for preparation of sticky weight is required to us: the good optimistical companion, the good optimistical movie also is a little, but in high quality, small acquisitions. We take the girlfriend and we go to little shops with any trifle. I would advise shops with the Chinese or Indian bias. In similar shops it is possible to get small pleasant things, whether it be Aram - sticks, or candles, the perfumed oils and all to them lotions. Further according to the instruction we come home, and we take seat in front of the monitor screen all with the same companion - the savior, we give aura of romanticism and tranquility, it will be promoted very much above by the mentioned acquisitions, and loudly and cheerfully laugh loudly, we discuss the movie. As a result we have, fine day which in comparison with offense seems just the fairy tale, and we love fairy tales.

Heart is broken in tinkling sounds. she walking in one leg love was

Oh yes it. But as it is not sad, she passed by, committed suicide, disappeared in a non-existence... it is possible to call it somehow. But you should not be killed with a grief! We take a break! The recipe such is. We get up early in the morning, and we do exercises. Charging, we bring a body into a tone. Then contrast shower, unostentatious make-up and you charm! We go outside and begin aimless fermentation in search of positive emotions. You are a girl!!! Of course go to shop. Buy the book, a notebook, a pencil, couple of clean socks... find to yourself the cushy cozy job with a beautiful look. The main thing to let out emotions, write, read, tear, break... Having released it negative thoughts, you is perfect on new you will look at the incident. It is only worth believing in uniqueness of an outcome - LOVE!

I is the most saving essence

a pleasure pinch

a sweet handful

a weakness share to be given to

to be forgotten to accept

again and again

we are all people - we look for love!