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May you become the author of the best-seller. Test.

the Test is developed by group of the Canadian scientists by request of the Montreal office Gallap media group by results of poll of 150 authors of best-sellers.

Attention! If you did not pass a test and at once glanced in the end results - you will hardly be the author of the best-seller.


1. Word best-seller thought up:

and. Americans.

. Russians.

of century Chinese.

2. My uncle of the most honest rules . Governed - it is:

and. verb.

. noun.

of century why to me it is the nobility.

3. To you the proof is provided that 22=5.





you consider that:

and. I will not understand in what business, but is an artifact.

. everything is right.

of century Well, blow me down!

4. Arkady Gaidar in 16 years ordered a regiment.

and. yes.

. no.

of century. who such Arkady Gaidar?

5. In the story Old man and sea the old man caught:

and. just fish

. tuna

of century shark

6. Whether are necessary literary Blacks for writing of the best-seller?

and. undoubtedly.

. where to take on it money.

of century should be spoken Afro-Americans

7. Award Bukker in 2003 received:

and. Voynovich.

. Sorokin.

of century I.

8. You studied literary skill

and. independently.

. at literary institute. I and so everything know

of century.

9. Who the murderer in the story Murders in the Rue Morgue

and. monkey.

. professor Moriarty.

of century of Chikatillo.

10. For what you write?

and. for glory.

. for the sake of money.

of century at me talent.

For each answer and - 2 points, for - 1 point, for in - 0 points are charged.

If you gained 20 points, you already the author of the best-seller. Urgently send the best work in Gallap media group also wait for the answer.

If you have from 15 to 19 points, you, undoubtedly, can write the best-seller. Your destiny - historical novels or detectives in the spirit of Agatha Christie.

If result from 5 to 14 points, you are also capable to write the best-seller. A romance novel - in this area it is necessary to concentrate the efforts. If you chose by

, generally option - in and gained from 0 to 4 points, you, undoubtedly, can become the author of the best-seller. Try to work in a fantasy genre. The world of hobbits and elves will bring you a world fame.

your result of 0 points - is a high time to sit down at the biography. It precisely will be the best-seller!

And, at last. If all of you did not begin to answer questions of the test and at once looked at results, you can write the best-seller too. Try to compose the adventure story or the version of the test: Whether you Can write the best-seller .

I, in conclusion. The world practice shows that for creation of the best-seller not the talent of the writer, but talent of the publisher is necessary.

P. S. In the second question the word rules - verb. I.e. - corrected.