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How to work to the author course and diplomas: independently or through intermediaries? We Will assume

, you made the decision to try as the author of term, degree and other student`s papers. Right there is a question: to work independently or to find the organization - the intermediary?

In either case there are minuses and pluses. Let`s consider both situations.

Situation the first: You decided to work independently

It is acceptable if you have many acquaintances in the student`s environment. For example, you are a student or even the teacher. In that case there is opportunity quickly enough to find enough clients. But you all - should spend a lot of time to acquire good reputation, very few people will venture to order work absolutely to the stranger without any recommendations. At the order of the thesis most often clients are guided by councils of the friends and acquaintances which already faced a certain performer or firm and can confirm positive experience. Besides it is necessary to look for clients constantly, that is you will work not only the author, but also the advertizing manager, on sales, etc. Here it is necessary to possess certain business and communicative qualities, and also high level of energy. But you take away all money which the client pays for work to yourself.

So, among pluses independent work:

- independence;

- lack of need to share the earnings.

Among minuses:

- time for writing of the work as its most part is spent for contacts has not enough;

- absence of any help from more skilled colleagues;

- need most to resolve conflict situations besides without support.

Situation the second: You preferred to work through the intermediary

Is frequent work through firm or the developed group of authors appears more comfortable. Here it is possible quickly enough to be untwisted and to prove as orders of firm receive much and, having qualitatively performed several trial works, you already deserve reputation of the executive. If there are any difficulties or uncertainty in correctness of performance of work, it is possible to consult to skilled colleagues and to solve a problem much quicker.

However during the work through the intermediary there are difficulties in understanding of a subject, its correct reflection as often directly you do not meet the customer, and information can pass through several hands and considerably to be distorted. You give part of money to the intermediary for search of orders, permission of various conflict situations, discussion of conditions etc. But it is compensated by a large number of orders.

So, minuses:

- you receive less money for one order;

- is possible misunderstanding of a subject, requirements etc.;

- impossibility to check what part of earnings to himself is taken away by the intermediary.


- should not most look for the customer; there is no

- need to meet someone, somewhere to go; all work is performed far off, you call the intermediary or on the Internet;

- the conscientious organization will pay part of cost of the order if the client refused to pay (not through your fault);

- you get the help necessary for you, advice and councils from colleagues;

- the intermediary solves all arising conflict situations with the client independently.

To choose, of course, to you. But to begin such work nevertheless more quietly through the intermediary organization. So you will be able to get acquainted in details with this kind of activity, to understand specifics, to estimate the opportunities and the interest in such work. Perhaps, gradually at you own clients will begin to appear, and then it will already be possible quietly to begin to work independently, without intermediaries.