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How to go on the dole?

Financial crisis and its such manifestation as mass reductions, forced to look for the help of the state of many who were able to take care of themselves until recently. Difficulties with search of new work after reduction today not a rarity, and in such situation the grant sometimes becomes the only way to earn means of livelihood. And that to receive it, it is necessary to observe some formalities.

to Whom is necessary a grant

Under the law to recognize the person jobless and his grants have the right to determine the size jobcenter. Therefore the first step - to be registered in this organization for the place of the registration. In other words, if you are registered in one city, and live and work in another, behind a grant it is necessary to go there where you are registered.


to be registered in jobcenter, it is necessary to provide to his experts a standard set of documents. It:

1. Passport.

2. Service record.

3. The certificate of a salary from the last place of work (if you did not work the last year and more, it is not necessary).

4. Certificate on assignment of INN.

5. Pension insurance certificate.

6. The document on education (if it is received abroad, it is necessary to bring not only the original, but also the notarized translation, and here the certificate on confirmation of the diploma in Russia is not necessary).

7. If there are minor children - the birth certificate on each child.

The most great difficulties arise with the certificate of a salary. The reference 2NDFL which is liked to be issued when calculating accounts department of the enterprises does not suit for jobcenter. It is the best of all to take the standard form in jobcenter and to give to accounts department on filling.

Main requirements to the reference:

1. An angular stamp or the letterhead of the organization with all requisites: INN, legal address.

2. The number of the fulfilled weeks for the last year .

In accounts departments usually strive to write down all weeks which you worked at the enterprise. For example, if two years, then write everything 104 weeks worked you. And jobcenter only the last interest 52. So if the figure in this column is more than these most 52, the reference is simply wrapped.

3. Concerns the enterprises where for the CEO and the accountant the same person. Both have to undersign on the reference. And if the signature same, opposite to any of positions it is necessary to add deputy (it is possible by hand the ordinary handle).

Dismissed with the formulation during staff redundancies with the appeal to jobcenter it is better not to tighten. The grant to them will be charged only since fourth month after registration as the unemployed. It is supposed that for the first two months they got paid at dismissal, and for the third if within these two months new work is not found, also have to pay them on the latest work - on the basis of the reference from jobcenter. And here this reference will be given only reduced by that who were registered within 14 days after dismissal. Who was not in time, that was late.

If you in the last year did not work , the certificate of a salary is not necessary. The minimum obligatory set - the passport and the document on education. If you have no other documents (it usually concerns those who in general officially did not work day), will accept on the account and without them.

How many

the Size of a dole is on January 1, 2009 - from 850 to 4900 rubles a month.

The grant is also attached to an official salary (if the part it was given in the under-the-counter cash in an envelope, by this money, clear, it is not counted - only the sum for which undersigned for the sheet) on the last place of work - it cannot be more it 75%.

The maximum grant is necessary not to all but only dismissed on grounds of redundancy, the agreement of the parties and at own will if in this case the reason for leaving is recognized by the law valid . To it belong:

- moving on the new residence to other district;

- the illness interfering further work or accommodation in this district;

- need of care of disabled people of the I group or sick family members;

- violation by the employer of the collective or employment contract;

- occurrence of the force majeure interfering continuation of the labor relations (war, accident, natural disasters, accidents, epidemics);

- dismissal of the woman who has a child (or children) is younger than 14 years;

- dismissal within a year prior to training if the worker was directed to preparation, retraining and professional development, and before dismissed fulfilled not less than half a year.

The second indispensable condition - within a year about day of registration in jobcenter to work not less than six months (26 weeks).

In all other cases can be counted on the minimum grant.

of the Rule of the game

not to lose a grant, it is necessary to follow some rules. The main thing - twice a month to be in jobcenter precisely in established periods. Date and time are fixed by specialists of this organization at each your visit. During visit the employee of the center checks bank of vacancies regarding suitable for you if is, channelizes. Wishes to new work: character, salary, other requirements - you can state in the special questionnaire which fill in at registration.

If you were channelized, you within three days have to have interview at the potential employer. If you two times refuse work which in jobcenter was considered suitable for you, to you will suspend payment of a grant - as a rule, for a month. If had no interview within three days, can reduce your grant for the next month by a quarter.

Other reasons: absence in jobcenter the appointed term (punishment does not threaten, only if did not come from - for diseases and the sick-list is issued). For two such absences of in a row grant will deprive absolutely. Will suspend payment if you come to tipsy jobcenter or influence of drugs if to deduct you from the place of training in the direction of jobcenter or you self-willedally stop study and if you, three months later after you were recognized as the unemployed, refused to participate in public works on the direction of jobcenter.

can most Longer count Terms on a grant dismissed on grounds of redundancy, to the agreement of the parties or in connection with liquidation of the enterprise (but provided that before dismissal they worked not less than six months and between dates of dismissal and registration as unemployed passed less than a year) - till two years in a row. However, since second year their grant will be already minimum. And after these two years it is necessary to forget about the right for it for a year.

The rest needs a grant only half a year, then for six months it is necessary to forget about it.

The maximum grant has to make 75% of an average salary on the latest work only in the first three months. Then within four months - 60% and 45% in remained five. In practice, especially in Moscow, all these restrictions usually do not play a role. For example, at an average white salary in 15 thousand rubles of 75% of this sum - 11250 rubles, 60% - 9000, and 45% - 6750 rubles. On at the maximum grant - 4900 rubles.

Small cunning: if the jobcenter directed you to study, all the time, while you study, pay you the same sum, but it is considered a grant, but not a grant.

For example, you have the right to receive benefit two years in a row. After registration in jobcenter month went on the dole, then for four months sent you for study and all its time paid you a grant. Means, you went on the dole only month, but not five of put twenty four (so you can count on it within twenty three months, but not nineteen).

Teach new professions in the direction of jobcenter, by the way, free of charge. It is necessary to report only during the next visit to the specialist of jobcenter about desire to study (or to note this point in the questionnaire which will be suggested to be filled in on primary reception) and to choose the suitable direction.

The Moscow unemployed this (2009) will begin to be directed to study in March - April, but it is necessary to place the order already now.