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How to distribute books on a book shelf???

Each person respecting himself who is looking for new feelings, experiences always has at himself the book also everywhere. Books, as we know, this non-material space in which each reading can find to himself the town. To try on shape of the fallen in love character, everyone can, and especially emotional so to get used to a role that after reading can still feel dust from under hoofs of a horse of the cowboy Joe, feel the magic force received from the Supreme master of the ancient clan of magicians, gentle touches charming thought and the feeling wandering the romantic

So without daring to protect himself from receiving a new charge of emotions, you go to a book-store and buy the next party from 2 - 3 books, having provided thereby yourself with several days of entertaining reading. Later several honeycombs of pages, you, of course, look for the place where to hide just read Talmuds. Having looked at a book shelf absolutely it becomes clear that not orderliness of finding of books, confuses a question: and these that where??? . And having given up all occupations and cares, you run to the favourite place of the dwelling to give all the literary collection though to some orderliness.

And here I can give to you several advice how to order books what in a consequence their search would not make to you what work.

Council 1.

U you fine visual memory? It`s cool! Modern tipografichesky opportunities allow to create surprisingly colourful and bright covers of books. From this conclusion? Sort books by color scale, it is possible to remember the great rule of a rainbow Each hunter wishes to know where the pheasant sits! . As a result having distributed books on color scale, to receive at itself on a book shelf such reproduction of a rainbow.

Council 2.

it will be Quite logical to b to place books, both on names, and on surnames of authors. It will be undoubted the most optimal solution, the cycles and series written by one author will be allocated at once. When using such way, remembering only a name of the author or only his surname, it will be possible to define with ease forgotten components and to find the necessary book.

Council 3.

Classification by the name. Some in an emphasis the books forgetting the author but having in the head at least an approximate idea of the name on keywords by all means will find favourite work to count anew or to share it with the friend. Therefore who gives those worship of the book, but not her author more, very much I recommend such method.

Council 4.

A now bad advice! Method of chaotic storage. As it is pleasant by search of some certain book, to take in hands another but not less favourite. To remember a plot, feeling at its reading, and life the life period related can. To remember the pleasant seller handed to you, that moment kogd you understand this work of art, the wonderful weather standing on the street that history is ended, but you have not enough of it and some more days you still think And that if...?

The given councils can be only the hint, a certain reminder that books it is not just waste paper heaps that it is the certain non-material worlds living there on printing pages they make the sense, the inventions, the lives... and everyone reading of course itself defines as its books will coexist together, and for this purpose he can think up the unique council .