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How to bring together the child on the beach?

With occurrence of heat of a family in which there are children try to bring kids to the nature to some reservoir. And one of important questions is: how to bring together the child on the beach? What to it to put on what to take with itself? The list of the most necessary things for quiet pastime of the kid at water is provided in this article.

the Headdress

is more preferable to choose by

a hat or a hat with big fields for the girl, a cap or a bandana with a peak for the boy. The beautiful and bright headdress will make the kid noticeable on the populous beach, and also will protect it from an overheat and solar burns.

Sunglasses will save the child`s eyes from the sun

Only do not buy the first glasses in the market. Some can be dangerous to children`s eyes. Qualitative points have a special dusting which does not pass ultraviolet rays. About it it has to be written in the insert attached to points and on a sticker. do not forget

about a towel

Buy a soft towel with cheerful drawing. It can be used also instead of a laying and to wipe the kid after bathing. For the smallest the towel - a poncho with a hood and a pocket is on sale.

Replaceable clothes

Take with yourself replaceable clothes for the child: shorts, a thin shirt for the boy and a dress - a dressing gown for the girl. It will save the baby from overcooling after bathing and will not allow to burn on the sun.


is Very important to pick up correctly footwear to the child. It will protect his legs from sharp stones, cockleshells and garbage. Bedroom-slippers, sandalik or barefoot persons are very convenient for games on the beach.


Surely use children`s sun-protection cosmetics. The factor of protection of SPF of children`s suntan preparations has to be not less than 20 units for the sun of a midland and 40 units for the sun of the southern resorts.

Bathing clothes

Acquire to the child bathing clothes: swimming trunks for the boy and a bathing suit for the girl. About types of children`s bathing clothes you can esteem in this article. Recommendations about a right choice of bathing suits and swimming trunks are in this article.

There is a separate wish to focus attention on in what to bathe absolutely little children. As a rule, children begin to use bathing suits actively 3 years are more senior. However and to babies it is not obligatory to bathe stark naked. For them special swimming shorts and bathing suits are issued. Feature of these articles of clothing is that any children`s surprises will not be reflected in any way in purity of water in which the kid, on his mood and health bathes.

Here the list of some beach shorts and bathing suits for babies:

1. Beach disposable " shorts; Moony (Japan) pass air, but hold water. They are made of cotton thanks to what protect skin from an intertrigo and do not cause an allergy.

2. Disposable shorts for bathing GOO. N Go - Swim (Japan) too well absorb and hold excrements inside. But they badly pass air therefore their long carrying is undesirable.

3. Diapers for swimming of Mothercare (Great Britain) are sewed in the form of shorts. Outside they are made of synthetic fabric, inside have soft terry laying. Between them there is a waterproof layer. Big plus of these shorts is that they can be erased and reused. These colourful diapers have additional protection - the cuffs which are densely clasping legs of the kid. The same firm lets out also bathing suits for girls of 3 months .

4. For kids 1,5 years are more senior special bathing suits - floats are on sale . They keep on water the child`s weight to 30 kg. Action of this bathing suit is based that in a collar, chest department and a back the removable inserts allowing the child to float surely are enclosed. These inserts thin and easy, but strong. They are reliably fixed in a bathing suit, the kid will hardly be able to pull out them.

5. Sun-protection swimwears are made of the special fabric protecting the child from harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. Usually the factor of protection of SPF of such bathing suits makes not less than 40 units.

Swimming is very useful for kids. And to swim for a while and sunbathe especially pleasantly in the summer. Though in the small river, though in the inflatable pool, though in the southern resort. Collect all necessary, and let no surprises will take you unawares!