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How to check a vpryskny nozzle?

the History which happened on the way thoroughly affected my further relation to studying of the device of the Audi 80 car.

In the beginning I will note articles that it is about the car of 1992 of the release equipped four with the cylinder petrol engine of 1984 cubic centimeters. The engine is in turn equipped with system of injection Mono - Motronic which scheme is shown in drawing.

From the scheme submitted in drawing the location of a nozzle and its communication with other knots of the block of preparation of gas mixture, a fuel-supply line and combustion chambers in engine cylinders is visible.

As introduction and for the best representation below the described actions, we will review briefly appointment and the device of a nozzle.

Purpose of a nozzle is in making one injection of fuel at each impulse of the high-tension current arriving from the Hall sensor. The nozzle can only open and be closed for a certain time, but cannot independently dose fuel injection. That is, when it is necessary to give small amount of fuel, the nozzle opens on very small time interval which makes less than one thousand second. Respectively, when it is necessary to give bigger amount of fuel, for example, at start of the cold engine, the interval of an open condition of a nozzle increases.

Opening of a nozzle is provided by means of an electromagnet. The signal on an electromagnet arrives from the control unit.

For better dispersion of fuel outlets with bevels through which gasoline directs on a conic surface of the outlet are provided in a design of a tip of a nozzle, forming in it turbulences.

Passing to an essence of the question raised in article heading, we will make the following:

1. Works need to be performed together with the workmate.

2. For work we will prepare an ohmmeter, having chosen the minimum range of measurement (to us range from 0 - 2 Ohms potebutsya) and the LED voltmeter.

3. The first we will consider a check case when the engine is started.

4. Let`s warm up the engine to 60 C. For this purpose it will need to work idling about 10 minutes.

5. To kill the engine.

6. To remove the air cleaner together with an air inlet branch pipe.

7. To start the engine and to leave to work at single turns.

8. On the started engine to track an injection stream. The stream of injectable fuel has to be directed to a butterfly valve and uniform.

9. To kill the engine and to check tightness of the valve visually. No more than two drops have to be allocated a minute. If this is so, then with tightness of closing of the valve all in a full order.

10. We will pass to the second case when the engine is not started.

11. If the engine is not started, then it is necessary to make the following checks described below.

12. To check a condition of two safety locks: the fuel pump (a safety lock at number 13) and ignitions (a safety lock at number 27).

13. To dismantle the air filter with an air inlet branch pipe.

14. Ask the workmate to make an engine pro-collar a starter.

15. You have to watch at this time a nozzle which has to make fuel injection considerably.

16. If injection does not happen, then it is necessary to disconnect the brown plug from the block of preparation of gas mixture. This plug is at the top of the block of preparation of gas mixture.

17. To connect an ohmmeter to two average contacts in the plug socket on the block of preparation of gas mixture.

18. If ambient temperature is in range of +15 C - +30 C, then the ohmmeter has to show resistance in 1,2 - 1,6 Ohms. If it not so, then the nozzle is faulty and demands replacement. It is necessary for its replacement by means of a key with a star-shaped head to unscrew the screw of fastening of a nozzle and after that to take it.

19. If the ohmmeter shows resistance in the range of 1,2 - 1,6 Ohms, and the nozzle does not work, then it is necessary to check receipt of power supply for a vpryskny nozzle.

20. For check of receipt of tension it is necessary to use only the LED voltmeter, without using other device.

21. The LED voltmeter needs to be connected to two average contacts in the removed plug.

22. To ask the workmate to include a starter, and most to watch a condition of light-emitting diodes of the voltmeter.

23. At the included starter light-emitting diodes have to begin to flicker. If it does not occur, then most likely can take place of break of the conductor, or malfunction of the control unit.

Such simple diagnostics of a vpryskny nozzle is available to each autodriver of this car, in the presence of desire, the listed devices, a set of keys and the workmate.