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How there was in the RuNet the first search engine Rambler?

History of Rambler begin at Institute of biochemistry and physiology of microorganisms of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In 1991 when the Internet in Russia just began the development, the group of active employees of Institute decided to create online project for the scientific purposes, that is, for a fast exchange and reliable transfer of technical and scientific information. In the city of Pushchino where, actually, there is also an Institute, these active employees created a local network, then connected it to Moscow, and then and to the Internet.

It is possible to imagine all difficulties of this action if to remember life in Russia at the beginning of 90 - x years: collapse of the USSR, deep problems in economy and science, political cataclysms and a collapse in prices. But the project earned, despite everything. In the beginning ftp - and mail - servers, and then and www - the server were created. Who are they, founding fathers of the search engine Rambler? Dmitry Kryukov, Sergey Lysakov, Victor Voronkov, Vladimir Samoylov, Yury Yershov.

But year of birth Rambler as search engine became 1996. At this time development and creation of the search server began.

From where such beautiful name - Rambler undertook? One of founders of system Dmitry Kryukov just opened once the dictionary and found the beautiful word, and its not less beautiful translation there. Rambler - the tramp, the wanderer. Such analogy in search work is quite pertinent. Rambler tirelessly wanders itself and drives the users on the boundless Internet, collects information on all documents found it. On this name the domain was registered. After testing and experiments on October 8, 1996 Rambler began to work as a search engine. So the era of development of the Russian Internet - the RuNet began.

At that time in the RuNet there were 2 - 3 searchers - they, without having sustained check time and practice, disappeared. Rambler evolved and developed, literally going through fire and water. Sergey Lysakov and Dmitry Kryukov told what on the top floor broke through once a pipe, and the server of Rambler needed to be dried. Rambler stood. Then hard drives burned down. On the same day Kryukov and Lysakov went to Moscow and for huge money bought new disks. Rambler did not work only 24 hours.

In 1997 there was Rambler`s Top100 - a rating - the qualifier which on the basis of objective data estimates popularity of resources of the RuNet and gives the chance to one click to get on them. Such universal counter is capable to direct users to different resources. It created an active and dynamic environment in the RuNet. A web - masters began to be engaged more carefully in development of the websites, wishing to take the 100th high places in the Top.

Start of the new version of a search engine became the following step in development of a Rambler search engine: it allowed to increase considerably search speed, and updating of a search index is made several times a day. Now the search engine finds fresh documents and the latest news. Rambler knows Russian and understands the reduced " terms; / at c.u. and / I .

Rambler pleases Every year the users with new achievements.

Today to creators and employees Rambler is what to be proud. Rambler is a universal conductor and the assistant for millions of users. Rambler continues to wander about the Internet in information searches, does not stop the development and in many respects remains the pioneer Runeta.