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Where you smoke, neighbors?

We do not bathe in your toilet bowls. Please, not a pisayta to our pool.

Here here is said that modern smokers trust in myths. And I trust in bright future when smoking and non-smoking live in the world, will understand each other and not to shake at each other ashes You want several sketches?

Fall. Dank such morning of normal such working day. You reach a stop, at lodge on which juvenile vandals, still nothing in this life not created, but already much broken, povybival glass walls but did not reach a roof yet. Also you understand that got. Ambush. They here. And they should smoke. Right now. Because breaks. You do not smoke? Ha, here therefore you also cannot imagine how it when there is a wish to smoke. And it is absolutely unclear that in this situation is more harmful: acid rain or passive smoking. Still it is possible to get wet, catch a cold and to catch some there pneumonia, but it if carries.

Summer. Hot day is replaced in the cool, but warm evening. Winter blankets and pajamas are hidden and forgotten long ago. At best: a sheet - from below, a sheet - from above. Windows look not small Liski. It is fresh, windows are opened. The full moon shines. It is so pleasant to be extended and experience as you fall asleep (it would be possible to write as you are sent to Morpheus`s power but it is not our style. At us here sots - realism). While already almost, neighbors from below decide to smoke. Yes, expensive, and to you good night.

Eventually, you did not suit a disco with drunk uproar and orgies. You only left very quietly to smoke budlets one and a half and unostentatiously so over the ear to potryndet for life. Farewell, fresh summer night air. We will not pour out anything to them on the head - it is our neighbors, to us over them still to live and live. And to ask them not to smoke we will not be too. Because and where still to do it to them? and they what, on the balcony cannot already be smoked? .

Bull-calves. Sorry, stubs. It is in general a separate subject. Here it, spring. Snowdrifts thaw. What, you think, they to us, in the name of God, will bare? Young escapes, it is bright - a green grass and blue snowdrops? Aha! Two times they to us will bare all this. You see the mountains of dog shit poured by stubs in the spring under windows of the multi-storey building. Because, logically, all winter we regularly came several times to a balcony and threw stubs down. All winter. Day after day. Normal such ritual. Meditative.

It how many pleasure to track a parabolic trajectory still the burning bull-calf in the night sky! Well still if this trajectory comes to an end in a snowdrift, but not on a balcony or a loggia of neighbors from below. The floor is lower, the more balcony reminds that under it. Well, unless dogs, maybe, do not reach to carry out there the metabolism (especially witty of sect of admirers of nicotinic snakes will ask now: whether better the dog metabolism if it was not poured by stubs looked. Do not worry, precious mine, about dog lovers we will sing another time).

If we do not smoke on a balcony because it is cold, and to put on laziness, then we will smoke at an entrance. To a consistence of fog at which on the route it is allowed to turn on a driving beam even during the parking. So that ate away eyes. And what? And where to us still to smoke? Well, of course, expensive, only on a landing! Do not refuse anything to yourself.

And it is still very exciting to smoke near an air vent evenly so to share pleasure with all house and frankly equally so to be smelled all apartments

around To be fair, it is necessary to notice what is, is and among smokers there are people who smoke in the places which are exclusively allocated for this purpose where they will definitely prevent nobody. Is, is, I am personally familiar. And I also do not say that everything, I say that some. But already as these some tired if you knew!

And in general, of course, devil-may-carely to treat people around is at people in blood. At court everyone is for himself. Here only if you do not smoke, then some smokers especially irritate