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The myth about the ideal man of

Many women dream of the guy, high with a strong constitution, with a rigid strong-willed chin. And whether so well the partner with pronounced male qualities? And in what softer and womanly man loses to it.

For a start we will agree that biochemical each person bisexual - we have hormones of various floors, however the person with absolute external male lines possesses more man`s set of hormones, more man`s traits of character and is less subject to a psychological androginiya.

Having left biological aspect for medicine, we will talk about manifestation of a psychological two-cavity, speaking to language of terms - presence at one individual of high values at the same time on scales of a maskulinnost and femininnost (androginiya).

In various philosophical currents the relation to a psychological two-cavity various - to polar. So, for example, there are opinions that the person initially was same-sex and asexual respectively, but under the influence of external there was a division, at the same time each of us inherited qualities of both floors from here and the androginiya phenomenon.

Other polar opinion is the presenting androgenic individual as more harmonious and perfect. Having huge potentials for development of the personality with qualities of each floor and their various compositions.

Androginiya at women the phenomenon more widespread (male style of thinking, acts, professional activity - the militiaman, the military, the politician) and more tolerant, really the man with manifestation of signs of other floor is perceived watchfully.

However modern model of education - feminization of education and frequent domination of the woman in our families, presents to boys examples of female behavior and thinking does a man`s psychological androginiya by the frequent phenomenon.

The acquired signs of female behavior, allows the man to lead richer life, at the same time the acquired female lines and qualities are used it is adaptive depending on a situation. I.e. in the environment - men such individual is not allocated with female behavior, but in the women`s company he is more clear, speaks as girlfriends .

So, young men who organically fit into professional groups of women often meet and join community of girlfriends.

In the sexual relation the man with two-cavity signs - the embodiment of female dream. Something similar is described in the movie with Mel Gibson What is wanted by women . Ability to be as one and other floor creates a possibility of deeper sexual experiences and it is ideal to adapt the behavior for expectations and needs of the partner.

The man with manifestations of an androginiya is capable to understand a psychological state of the partner that allows it to foresee well behavior of the partner of desire and motives and to create ideal partnership in various areas of life.

The phenomenon of a psychological androginiya can also have character timeserving, on condition of the high sincere organization, the womanly behavior model of the man can be conscious realized, penetration into the world of women,

the Phenomenon of a psychological androginiya, demonstrates that signs of courage are created by public stereotypes and their existence does not demonstrate at all that their owner the real man, and especially the ideal partner.