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How long there was a corset? History of emergence

How long there was a corset - already will tell nobody. Fashion designers consider that corsets appeared still B.C. It is possible to tell that it is the most ancient subject of a female toilet. Really, whether we remember Pronya Prokopovna, prompt Scarlett, not aging Anjelica - to the marquis Angelov, on a stage of a scene he appears is a responsible for a slender waist, a work of art. Because today a corset - not so much a piece of underwear, how many part of a toilet. Dresses with a corset, tops with corsets do not get out of fashion. Grace, convenience, original design do a corset by something big, than a subject of a female toilet.

How everything began? the clothes were very simple

at the time of Ancient Greece when it was accepted to watch carefully beauty of a body. It is identical to men and women. The big scarf, as a rule, woolen, was wrapped around a body. Such fashion went from the tribe of doriyets who used a scarf in the different purposes. The female scarf was called peplos were, as a rule, wrapped in it and took on shoulders hairpins. The clothes without dressmaking long time were the business card of the Greek fashion. Color preferences - it is bright - yellow color was considered festive, fiery red - color of Spartans, striped clothes - for heteras.

appeared a tunic A bit later - a peculiar shirt - a skirt from a cloth. The tunic was the first closed dress code. The short tunic was carried every day, long - on holidays. Notable Romans carried a tunic with a loop. The linen clothes were used before the first prototypes of modern clothes appeared. The cut-out and sewed outerwear of ancient Greeks reminded modern blouses and jackets. The women`s clothing looked very elegant - it was decorated by various finishings, linen shirts supplemented magnificent east fabrics like brocade.

Over time the female tunic began to be selected on a waist, and later under a breast by means of a belt. From above carried a cape which was passed under the left hand and was brought to the right shoulder. Greek women possessed beautiful sports bodies, they thought up a bra prototype, the fabric strip which is tied up under a breast . Then replaced matter with skin, there was a lacing, and the prototype of the first corset appeared in the second century B.C. The main mission was to support a breast so that she effectively looked out of clothes folds.

In the Middle Ages without corset it was impossible to seem in public places. Frank dresses demanded creation of a special female silhouette - a slender waist and a high breast. In X11 a century the fitted corset squeezes a breast and hides from public eyes. Medieval puritanism considers that the breast should not be object of display.

In XY a century in fashionable secular salons the fashion on a naked breast appeared. Such fashion was entered by Karl`s favourite of Ou11, despite protests of the spiritual power. Ladies went on various tricks - tied up under a breast a belt so that the breast looked more effectively. Up to X11 of a century underwear - luxury, women of quality sport in the heavy dresses which are put on directly a corset. Corsets were actively opposed by rural women. Corsets prevented them to work. And noble ladies were able to afford to put on a corset though it caused big inconveniences - frequent faints, migraines. So over time the corsages, lungs which are put on over clothes replaced close corsets.

At the end of H1H of a century the underwear, from silk or lawn appears. In finishing of linen began to use widely laces, an embroidery, a stamping, various finishings. The drawers trimmed with bows, shuttlecocks, ryushika, tapes. Began to treat a corset haughtily. To 40 - x years specialists in corsets sewed them on manual weaving looms. And here on a scene of fashion the linen set, habitual for us, - a brassiere and panties appears. Typical option for underwear of the XX century. The breast is restricted by the first bras, the fashion a namalchishesky breast at that time appeared. In 30 - x years of the XX century the corset changes in a belt for stockings thanks to emergence of rubber tapes.

Today the corset looks very tempting. It can be carried as linen or over clothes. The cut of a corset allows to look gracefully and attractively. Allows to emphasize advantages of a female figure. It is made of elastic materials. Skin, the atlas, laces allow to make absolutely different models returning us at the time of great-grandmothers. Correctly picked up corset raises a breast, hides a stomach, does a silhouette graceful.

Popularity of a corset can be explained with the fact that women had an opportunity to carry a corset under a business suit, a dress.

HOW it is CORRECT to PICK UP the CORSET? needs to be measured by

correctly breast parameters. Then volume of a waist and hips. The corset bought in shop can cause certain inconveniences therefore it is better to sew to order.

the Habit to carrying a corset will appear not at once. It is necessary to wear its some time that the body got used to new feelings. Linen corsets as underwear are functional, allow skin to breathe. Silk, the atlas, skin - it is possible to pick up also more elegant models.

If you put on a corset, be sure, will surely pay attention to you!