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When food becomes medicine and healing? History of one illness.

the Destiny presented me a meeting with one more surprising person. The person who overcame a heavy illness and came out the winner from this deadly fight with an illness.

Morning was frosty, but some vital, solar and fervent. I went to a meeting with the new client with enthusiasm and rise. Even in negotiations on phone on a voice I understood that this person special. The intuition prompted that the meeting will be unusual.

Negotiations took place quickly, Leonid accurately knew what trainings are necessary for his collective. It is pleasant to work with people who have specific goals which appreciate personal and others` time. I was already going to leave, all details were discussed. How suddenly one casual (whether casual?) the phrase forced me to stop and ask several questions. What I heard was surprising, delight and respect. Leonid, my client, told me history of the life and death Almost death, painful and sticky, full hopelessness History of its fight and victory.

In forty years Leonid paid attention to what became worse to hear. Campaigns on doctors, a heap of all drugs tired out an illness deep into, he did not hear an internal call, a danger signal. Did not hear in every sense. The following signal was even more sick - the right hand was not raised, did not rise at all Kidneys - a sharp renal failure began to refuse - such diagnosis was heard as a sentence. And then all new and new diagnoses fell down in abundance - diabetes, pankeatit, stomach ulcer, the weight of 102 kilograms By forty two years after half a year of diagnostic testings doctors rendered a terrible verdict - Bekhterev`s illness. Ankiloziruyushchy spondiloartrit.

Dear professor, a star of science put end - the illness is incurable Prepare for painful death.

Cruelly, painfully. The author of the well-known novel " died of this illness; As " steel became tempered; Nikolay Ostrovsky. In thirty two years Full ossification of a skeleton, immobilization, disability, terrible pains.

It was possible to call in question all this story of Leonid. I saw before myself the vigorous beautiful person. He headed solid firm, was mobile and healthy. In seven years of fight for the life he came out the absolute winner. I did not keep, asked about its weight. 76 kg! However, in this fight with an illness it lost two centimeters of growth. At its 180 cm it was almost imperceptible.

Of course, me it became interesting as it brought itself(himself) out of such terrible state. The fact that from it all doctors turned away was clear. No, of course, they did not refuse to give help to dying, were ready to register any drug treatment on all canons of traditional medicine. Here only Leonid already understood where this road conducts.

As its health completely was now in his hands, he began to study everything books on nonconventional medicine. Accepted something what refused at once and irrevocably. Learned to read analyses. Completely refused from sweet, salty and meat. These products destroyed it.

He put emphasis at first on psychology - told himself firm: Stop! I do not want to die, but also I do not want to be a vegetable! . And then began to study physiology attentively. Now, probably, he could give lectures on this medical subject.

Refusal from dairy, meat, fried, fat, all canned food yielded the results in three months. When Leonid could raise the right hand and easily put it in the left pocket a purse, he understood that on the right track.

He got rid of short wind thus - began to sleep on a firm rigid bed, refused feather-beds and mattresses. Left off smoking as now perfectly understood a structure of lungs and understood what damage puts to the organism. Having understood that one of the reasons of short wind is nervousness, learned to pacify the emotions.

Observance of posts and one hungry day in a week made its method also pleasant. After such days a body as if weightless as if in you weed. I trust, at most the same feelings. And the most important, he understood that all in his hands that the illness began to recede.

Today doctors refuse to believe in its healing. Go on same - probably, just were mistaken with the diagnosis. Leonid laughs: Who, except me, will be able to understand an own organism! . And the most important conclusion which it as the winner of fight with death, has the right to make - the human body is self-regulated doctors can only make the diagnosis, and everyone has to recover. Has to!

Not everyone will suit the scheme treatments Leonida. All depends on degree of neglect of an illness and readiness of the patient for self-healing. Everyone chooses for himself. Someone is ready to follow blindly recipes of doctors and to exhaust with tablets the illnesses more deeply. Someone is engaged in prevention of the health and just does not allow illnesses in the sacred vessel. And someone neglects all - where - nibud yes I will come as it is measured, it is so much and I will live.

Each owner of both the life, and the health. Today in Leonid`s firm there is no smoker or the drinking employee. He such considers as disabled people, feels sorry for them. But does not condemn. Everyone solves as it to live.

The Most expensive at the person is life. It is given it once, and it is necessary to live it so that was not excruciatingly painful for aimlessly lived years
N. Ostrovsky.

Love meal. How to eat, recovering?