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What cocktails can be made on the basis of rum?

the Homeland of rum, this romantic and legendary drink, are the islands located in the Caribbean Sea. Not incidentally rum at first called of Barbados water that in translation means “ Barbados " water; for the first time it was made on Barbados. There was a name " later; " rum; come from the word rumbullion that on one of dialects of English means “ noise, nervousness “. And it is valid, rum - the concerning and amusing drink, than he also deserved reputation “ real binge “ for adventurers.

Huge popularity of rum among pirates is explained by its ability to warm a body and to lift fighting spirit, to amuse and dull feeling of hunger. The same reasons roused the government of Britain to enter rum into a daily diet of seamen, and this tradition remained in force till 1970.

Rohm is trained from dense black treacle which is called “ molasses “. It is received by a uvarivaniye of a sugar cane to the necessary consistence. After this treacle bring to fermentation, and then overtake. There are three types of rum . Two of them are most known - light and dark. The third, golden, make in Cuba.

So what cocktails can be made on the basis of rum?

First of all, it is old classical " cocktail; Planter`s Punch “ (Planter’s Punch) which has several options of mixing. Here one of them. For preparation of this cocktail it is required to you:

- 1 measure of dark rum;

- 2 measures of fresh orange juice;

- juice of a half of a fresh lime;

- 2 spoons of " syrup; Grenadine “;

- 1 teaspoon of icing sugar on a glass of drink;

- the crushed ice;

- an orange slice, cherry and a slice of pineapple for ornament.

Place in a shaker the crushed ice, then rum, orange juice, lime juice, icing sugar and “ Grenadine “. After that properly stir up, decant in the cooled low glass or a glass “ Haybol “ decorate with cherry and slices of orange and pineapple.

Of course, speaking about cocktails on the basis of rum, it is impossible to ignore well-known around the world for " cocktail; Pina Colada “ (Pina Colada) . To enjoy its divine taste, it will be required to you:

- 1 measure of light rum;

- 2 measures of coconut cream;

- 2 measures of pineapple juice;

- the crushed ice;

- a straw;

- a pineapple slice, cherry, a slice of a fresh coco for ornament.

One of cocktail ingredients, namely coconut cream, induces me to do small derogation from a subject. Coconut cream is the component of cocktails and desserts which is very extended in the West. If you for any reasons do not find it in sale, there is an opportunity to prepare this cream in house conditions. For this purpose take condensed milk (1 measure), mix with coconut flakes (one measure), shake up the mixer, gradually pouring in mix in previously beaten egg white with sugar. Affect at the rate of 1 protein 400 grams of mix of condensed milk and shavings.

Now when we have with own hand prepared or bought coconut cream, it is possible to start preparation of cocktail. Place ice, then rum, coconut cream and pineapple juice in a shaker. Well stir up, decant in the cooled glass “ Collins “. Decorate with fruit and give with a straw.

Well and, of course, it is necessary to mention “ Daiquiri “ - one of the most popular drinks in the United States. This cocktail was born in Cuba, thanks to an ingenuity of the American miners, at the time of national deficiency of alcoholic beverages. The name of cocktail happens from mine where Americans worked. “ Daiquiri “ has a huge number of options, and many bartenders consider as a point of honor to invent own “ Daiquiri “. In this article I will be limited to two types of this cocktail - classical and banana.

For “ Classical Daiquiri “

to you it will be required to b:

- 1 measure of light rum;

- freshly squeezed juice of a lime or lemon;

- a teaspoon of sugar or 4 drops of sugar syrup;

- the crushed ice;

- a slice of a lime or cherry for ornament.

Fill a shaker with ice on three quarters, add rum. Mix juice of a lime and sugar, add to a shaker. Carefully stir up and decant in a glass for cocktails or a glass “ " Martini;. Decorate with cherry or a slice of a lime.

“ Banana Daiquiri “

- 2 measures of light rum;

- 2 measures of freshly squeezed juice of a lime;

- 1 drop of the " liqueur; Tripl Sek “;

- 1 teaspoon of sugar;

- the crushed ice;

- a slice of ripe banana.

Put all ingredients in the mixer, mix within several seconds until mix becomes uniform. Add the crushed ice and mix some more seconds. Decant in a glass for champagne and decorate cocktail with cherry.

“ Tom and Gerry “ is the cocktail intended for cold weather which is served in a warm coffee cup. It is considered that date of its origin - 1850 - e years when it was for the first time mixed by Gerry Thomas famous for the bartender of those days. The late name of cocktail changed, having immortalized in this drink warming in the winter names of the Hollywood heroes - a cat and a little mouse. At the same time the original recipe significantly became simpler and now does not include baking soda and hot milk, but the essence of drink remains to the same is the dense mix saturated with alcohol, urged to warm in cold.

- 1 egg;

- icing sugar;

- 1 measure of light rum;

- 1 measure of brandy;

- a grated nutmeg;

- boiled water.

Break egg, having separated a yolk from protein. Then mix them, having added enough sugar for a zagushcheniye. Pour out mix in the warmed-up coffee cup and add at first rum, then brandy and in the end the boiling water. From above strew with a grated nutmeg and serve cocktail at once, we heat.

And here " cocktail; Long - Aylendsky " tea; - the summer cocktail urged to satisfy thirst. But be careful! Actually it can be very strong and stupefying. It will be required to you:

- 1 measure of light rum;

- 1 measure of vodka;

- 1 measure of gin;

- 1 measure of tequila;

- juice of a half of a lemon;

- 2 measures of cold " tea; Earl Grey “;

- the cooled Coca (to taste);

- chipped ice and cubes of ice;

- slices of a lemon and a branch of mint for ornament.

Fill a bar glass with chipped ice and add rum, vodka, gin and tequila, and then - lemon juice. Then add tea, well shake up everything together and decant in a glass “ Haybol “ filled with cubes of ice and slices of a lemon. Add the cooled Coca and decorate with a mint branch.

The following cocktail is called in honor of the delightful resort town of Acapulco. Cocktail will remind those who visited this strange place of the happy days spent there about bars and restaurants of the resort. If you never were to Acapulco, this cocktail, will help you to touch the atmosphere reigning in this lazy, idle town slightly. It will be required to you:

- 1 measure of light rum;

- a lime juice tablespoon;

- 1,5 teaspoons of the " liqueur; Tripl Sek “;

- 1 teaspoon of icing sugar;

- 1 egg white;

- the crushed ice and cubes of ice;

- mint branches for ornament.

Fill a shaker with the crushed ice half. Add other ingredients, carefully stir up and decant in tall glasses over ice cubes (2 - 3 cubes on a glass). Decorate with mint branches.

Preparation pleasant to you and use of cocktails! The main thing - in everything to know when to stop.